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Pre-service teachers complete academic coursework, gain experience through supervised teaching, and often work with a mentor to prepare for careers in the classroom.

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Preservice Teachers’ Meaningful Science Learning

This article describes how preservice elementary teachers learn about the nature of science and develop scientific literacy through a collaborative ...

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Journal of College Science Teaching—January/February 2024

Blog Post

Building Relationships Between Educators and Researchers

Reports Article

Freebies and Opportunities for Science and STEM Teachers, November 21, 2023

Web Seminar

Science Update: The Grand Challenge of Coral Reef Sustainability, March 7, 2024

Join us on Thursday, March 7, 2024, from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM ET, for an edition of NSTA’s Science Update about coral reef ecosystems. Even optimis...


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Inspiring the Next Generation

How many times have you found yourself sitting in a cafeteria or classroom staring at a professional development PowerPoint being presented by someone...


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Learning by Listing

Undergraduate STEM students may be overwhelmed by the complex information they are exposed to during their education. Even so, there are a handful of ...


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Undergraduate Learning Assistants Foster Students’ Resilience During Transition to Online Learning in a Large Microbiology Classroom

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a series of emergency transitions to online learning for academic institutions around the world. Previous studies have sh...


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Collaboration Through Critical Service Learning—In Search of Earth’s Secrets

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What’s New in NSTA Journals for 2023 and 2024?


Journal of College Science Teaching—July/August 2023

Volume 52, Number 6 ...


Web Seminar

Archive: Science Update: The Science of Oil Spill Response and Cleanup, September 28, 2023

Major oil spills are rare, but thousands of spills occur each year where oil or chemicals are released into the environment due to accidents or natura...



Journal of College Science Teaching—May/June 2023

Volume 52, Number 5 May/June 2023 ...

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