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Pre-service teachers complete academic coursework, gain experience through supervised teaching, and often work with a mentor to prepare for careers in the classroom.

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Journal Article

K–12 DREAMS to Teach Program at Morehouse College

This study explores the pathways to K–12 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics instruction among Black/African American males in the Di...


Journal Article

Elementary Preservice Teachers’ Use of Speaking, Listening, and Writing Skills to Understand the Importance of Nature of Science Instruction

There has been a focus on improving teachers’ views of nature of science for decades. The method in which researchers improve views of nature of s...


Journal Article

Online Digital Science Resources

Rapidly transition your in-person course to a remote format using these practical resources. ...


Interactive E-book Kids

Peeking Inside Plants

In the Peeking Inside Plants eBook, learners explore plant structures (stems, leaves, flowers, roots, and fruit) in order to build an argument about h...



Online Teaching Resources You Can Use - A List Compiled by NSTA

Due to the coronavirus pandemic many school districts across the country have decided to close schools and teach online full time. NSTA has compiled a...


NSTA Press Book

Integrating STEM Teaching and Learning Into the K–2 Classroom

New in 2020! “Integrating STEM Teaching and Learning Into the K–2 Classroom is a critically important contribution toward advancing STEM teaching...



Journal of College Science Teaching—March/April 2020

Volume 49, Number 4, March/April 2020 ...


NSTA Press Book

A Head Start on Science, Second Edition: Encouraging a Sense of Wonder

Imagine what fun it could be for 3- to 7-year-olds to engage in a game of Prism Play or Magnetic Scavenger Hunt or Where Did the Shadows Go? Then imag...


Journal Article

The Worms Are Dancing!

An integrated learning experience with preschoolers ...


Interactive E-book Kids

Fish Out of Water

Kat is a student paleontologist who uses a video chat app to communicate with readers during her expedition to visit a paleontological site in the des...


Interactive E-book Kids

Are They the Same?

This e-book is based on the natural phenomenon that any group of plants or animals will demonstrate individual variation that allows scientists to dis...


Interactive E-book Kids

Help Me Grow

Help Me Grow is an interactive book where readers enter a forest to see how four different animals raise their young. Interactivities and questions gu...

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