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Journal of College Science Teaching

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Current Issue

September/October 2020

Current Issue

Journal Article

Identifying Differences in Learning Strategies by Demographics and Course Grade in a Community College Context

Metacognition and self-regulated learning are skills that contribute to student success, but few studies have examined these topics within a communi...

By Matthew R. Fisher, Deborah Cole, Youngha Oh, and Sheela Vemu

Postsecondary Equity Learning Progression

Journal Article

Designing to Disrupt Traditional Conceptions of Scientific Competence

Pervasive narratives about who and what counts as competent in science disproportionately impact students historically underrepresented in science, ...

By Sabriya N. Rosemond, Erin S. Palmer, Kelly C. Y. Wong, Vishnu Murthy, and Angelica M. Stacy

Postsecondary Chemistry Equity Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

A Research-Based Checklist for Development and Critique of STEM Instructional Videos

The technical barriers to video production are decreasing and the popularity of video as an instructional medium in science is increasing. Although ...

By Sherry Seethaler, Adam J. Burgasser, Thomas J. Bussey, John Eggers, Stanley M. Lo, Jeffrey M. Rabin, Laura Stevens, and Haim Weizman

Postsecondary Instructional Materials Teaching Strategies Technology

Journal Article

Factors Associated With Students Graduating With STEM Degrees at a Military Academy: Improving Success by Identifying Early Obstacles

The United States is not graduating enough science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) majors for the increasing number of available em...

By Jessica H. Dwyer, Wilson J. González-Espada, Kimberly de la Harpe, and David C. Meier

STEM Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Teaching Sciences With Impact Using the Lectorial Approach: Stimulating Active Learning

This article reports on students’ experiences of the lectorial approach that was implemented for health science students studying sciences at a So...

By Jyothi Thalluri and Joy Penman

Postsecondary Learning Progression Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

A Journey to Acceptance

The main objective of this study was to characterize the acceptance of evolution among biology majors. Semi-structured interviews were carried out t...

By Chad Talbot, Zeegan George, and T. Heath Ogden

Postsecondary Biology Teacher Preparation

Journal Article

Learning Science With Mobile Technologies

The use of technology is increasing rapidly in our society, and classroom teachers must recognize the impact and importance of technology in the liv...

By Deepika Menon, Zarah Salas, Allison Mellendick, Meera Chandrasekhar, and Dorina Kosztin

Postsecondary Preservice Science Education Teacher Preparation

Journal Article

Less Text, More Learning

English language learners are increasingly entering classrooms using student-centered instruction that places a greater emphasis on spoken language....

By Benjamin Wiggins, Hannah Jordt, and Kerri Wingert

Postsecondary Preservice Science Education Teacher Preparation Teaching Strategies


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