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Journal of College Science Teaching—May/June 2023

Volume 52, Number 5
May/June 2023

Journal Article

Maximizing Learning Objectives in Undergraduate Research Journals

Undergraduate research journals (URJs) introduce students to the peer review and publication processes, teaching them to write manuscripts that will b...

By Shamel Basaria, Taylor S. Ginieczki, Shloka V. Janapaty, Rohan Nigam, and Davis H. Smith

Postsecondary Learning Progression Research Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Conversion of Traditional Face-to-Face MLS Hematology Courses Into Remote Delivery

The design of a hybrid Hematology I course (prepandemic) was adopted for Hematology II and facilitated our conversion of Hematology II into a fully re...

By Sanjeeda Jafar, Shruti Budhani, and Diane Wilson

Biology Distance Learning Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Examining the Effects of STEM Identity and Teaching Identity on Science and Mathematics Teaching Identity and Persistence in a Teaching Program

In response to the demand for more STEM-certified teachers, identity has emerged as a theoretical lens for examining how candidates can be recruited i...

By Ingelise Giles, Nicole Cook, Zahra Hazari, Maria Fernandez, and Laird Kramer

Equity Preservice Science Education STEM Teacher Preparation Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Using Popular Fiction to Inspire Scientific Inquiry

Many teacher educator preparation programs do not provide opportunities for preservice teachers (PSTs) to experience and examine the use of popular fi...

By Kristin Cook and Winn Wheeler

Postsecondary 5E Inquiry Literacy NGSS Preservice Science Education Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Using Growth Rings on Wooden Blocks and Plywood to Enhance Students’ Spatial Reasoning Skills

Spatial reasoning is one of the most challenging skills to master in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. This article...

By Jeff B. Chaumba and Josphine Chaumba

Postsecondary Earth & Space Science Instructional Materials Interdisciplinary New Science Teachers Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Improving Retention and Graduation of Female Engineering and Polytechnic Students With First-Year Interventions

Prior research in student retention emphasizes that building students’ connections with the institution and their peers is key. Students from underr...

By Anne Lucietto, Holden Buckner, and Antonia Munguia

Engineering Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Overcoming Obstacles and Finding Support for Teaching Critical Thinking in STEM

This qualitative research study aimed to discover what obstacles and supports community college teachers in science, technology, engineering, and math...

By Christa Evangelisto

Administration Preservice Science Education STEM Teacher Preparation

Journal Article

A Hands-on Activity to Understand the Nature of Science and Authentic Scientific Inquiry in Large Laboratory Courses

Integrating authentic research practices into introductory laboratory courses to prepare tomorrow’s scientists has become increasingly prevalent ove...

By Lin Xiang and Madhusudan Srinivasan

Postsecondary Inquiry Instructional Materials Research Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Facilitating Departmental and Institutional Change for Expanding Undergraduate Research Experiences

Increased sustainable access to undergraduate research opportunities, particularly for historically underrepresented populations, involves transformin...

By Rebecca Friesen and Adriana Cimetta

Administration Administrators Preservice Science Education Research

Journal Article

Initial Development and Validation of the Biology Teaching Assistant Role Identity Questionnaire (BTARIQ)

Graduate teaching assistants (TAs) may identify with multiple roles during their introductory biology teaching experiences. This study developed an in...

By Amy E. Kulesza and Dorinda J. Gallant

Postsecondary Biology Preservice Science Education Teacher Preparation

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