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May/June 2022

Equity in the Science Classroom

Consciously implementing practices that foster an equitable classroom takes time and energy, but the payoff is great. To learn more about equitable practices, pursue the articles cited in this editorial and be sure to read this issue of Science Scope!

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Journal Article

Leverage the Data You Have

By Naomi Weintraub and Kristin Hunter-Thomson

Middle School Computer Science Teacher Preparation Teaching Strategies Technology

Journal Article

Some of You Are Smiling Now

By Renee Affolter, Katherine L. McNeill, and Gretchen Brinza

Middle School Equity Professional Learning Sensemaking Teacher Preparation Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Cultivating Teacher Efficacy for Social Justice in Science

By Libby Gerard, Allison Bradford, Angela DeBarger, Korah Wiley, and Marcia C. Linn

Middle School Equity Inclusion Professional Learning Social Justice Teaching Strategies


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