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Science Scope—May/June 2021


Volume 44, Number 5

Mathematics and Computational Thinking: A Bridge to STEM Careers

The importance of math and computational thinking cannot be understated. Math underpins the sciences and allows us to represent ideas with variables that can be manipulated and tested, and enables us to ask and answer questions related to how and why.

Journal Article

Closing the Achievement Gap by Bringing STEM Kits Home

By Joanne Caniglia, Michelle Meadows, Davison Mupinga, and Katrina Halasa

Middle School Distance Learning STEM Teacher Preparation Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Weathering the Virtual Storm

By Joyce Massicotte, Carolyn J. Staudt, and Cynthia McIntyre

Middle School Earth & Space Science Environmental Science Phenomena Technology

Journal Article

Shaking out Probability

By Arthur Louis Odom and Clare V. Bell

Middle School 5E Crosscutting Concepts Mathematics

Journal Article

The Energy Zipline

By Katherine Carman and Jerrid Kruse

Inquiry Lesson Plans NGSS Physical Science Three-Dimensional Learning

Journal Article

Cornhole Predicts the Perfect Pitch

By Benjamin Galluzzo, Michael W. Ramsdell, Joshua D. Thomas, Kathleen Kavanagh, Corey Ryder, Darlene Bissonette, and Jennifer M. Knack

Middle School High School 5E General Science Instructional Materials Interdisciplinary Labs Lesson Plans Mathematics Performance Expectations Physical Science Physics Science and Engineering Practices STEM Technology

Journal Article

Lighting Up History

By Kristin Searle, Colby Tofel-Grehl, and Beth L. MacDonald

Instructional Materials Maker Spaces Makerspace Technology

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