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The performance expectations provide an aid for assessment by clarifying what students should be able to know and do at the end of the grade or grade-band. They do not prescribe curriculum or lessons.

How to Read the Next Generation Science Standards

Featured Resources

Hard-to-Teach Biology Concepts, Revised 2nd Edition: Designing Instruction Aligned to the NGSS

“This book does not contain a recipe to follow as you plan and deliver lessons. Nor is it a set of predesigned lessons for use in biology classrooms...

NSTA Press Book

Translating the NGSS for Classroom Instruction

With the release of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), you need a resource to help you answer pressing questions about how the standards fi...

NSTA Press Book

Latest Resources


NSTA Press Book

Instructional Sequence Matters, Grades 9–12: Explore-Before-Explain in Physical Science

Instructional Sequence Matters, Grades 9–12 is the one-stop resource that will inspire you to reimagine your approach to high school physical scienc...


Journal Article

Cornhole Predicts the Perfect Pitch

Blog Post

Rethinking the Discussion on ‘Learning Loss’

Journal Article

Transforming Local Spaces With Relevant Perspectives

Journal Article

Some Like It Hot

Journal Article

Ecosystem in a Jar

Lesson Plan

Why Should We Prepare for Earthquakes?

NSTA Press Book

Once Upon a Physical Science Book: 12 Interdisciplinary Activities to Create Confident Readers

Download and read a sample chapter from this book to learn more. The authors of this book have been in your shoes. These experienced science teachers...


Virtual Workshop

Assessing Three-Dimensional Learning, July 23-24, 2020

Three-dimensional teaching and learning presents new opportunities to build assessments that move student learning forward. The challenge we face is h...


NSTA Press Book

The NSTA Atlas of the Three Dimensions

New in 2020! Download and read a sample chapter from this book to learn more.A key aspect of learning in K–12 education is the idea that what studen...


Interactive E-book Kids

Geology on the Move

The Geology on the Move e-Book is an interactive book where learners study the geologic features of weathering and erosion by embarking on virtual ge...


Interactive E-book Kids

Peeking Inside Plants

In the Peeking Inside Plants eBook, learners explore plant structures (stems, leaves, flowers, roots, and fruit) in order to build an argument about h...

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