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NSTA Regional Product Representatives

Would your school or district profit from a presentation on the full range of NSTA resources and literacy solutions?

If so, please find your state in the list below and contact your regional product representative. NSTA product reps can arrange for special pricing for bulk purchases, introduce you and your team to professional development opportunities, and even set up districtwide licenses that provide digital access to bestselling NSTA books.

Want more information?

Kim Stilwell
NSTA's New Business Development Manager

Phone: 703.312.9247
Fax: 888.433.0526

By State

State/Province Regional Product Representative
Alabama Paula Fabbro
Alaska Dan Taylor
Arizona Brad Peters
Arkansas Kim Stilwell
British Columbia Dan Taylor
California Marguerite Morgan Pollard
Colorado Jill Netz-Fulkerson, PhD
Connecticut Himanshu Jain
Delaware Debra Sawyer, PhD
District of Columbia Debra Sawyer, PhD
Florida Sylvia Fumero, Jeff Enos, Matt Laird
Georgia Petra Griffin
Hawaii Marguerite Morgan Pollard
Idaho Dan Taylor
Illinois Terry Shulman
Indiana Carla Westphal
Iowa Randy Brooks
Kansas Darren Boles
Kentucky Dee Camp
Louisiana Hannah Fabbro Smith
Maine Himanshu Jain
Maryland Debra Sawyer, PhD
Massachusetts Himanshu Jain
Michigan Kathy Stratton
Minnesota Randy Brooks
Mississippi Hannah Fabbro Smith
Missouri Darren Boles
Montana Kim Stilwell
Nebraska Randy Brooks
Nevada Brad Peters
New Hampshire Kim Stilwell
New Jersey Himanshu Jain
New Mexico Brad Peters
New York Shalin Inc.
North Carolina Kim Stilwell
North Dakota Darren Boles
Ohio Dee Camp
Oklahoma Kim Stilwell
Oregon Dan Taylor
Pennsylvania Debra Sawyer, PhD
Rhode Island Himanshu Jain
South Carolina Kim Stilwell
South Dakota Darren Boles
Tennessee Paula Fabbro
Texas Jackie Amos
Utah Dan Taylor
Vermont Himanshu Jain
Virginia Debra Sawyer, PhD
Washington Dan Taylor
West Virginia Debra Sawyer, PhD
Wisconsin Terry Shulman
Wyoming Kim Stilwell
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