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Science & Children

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Current Issue

November/December 2021

The Language of Science

In this issue of Science and Children, we explore ways to support science learning and language acquisition for all students. Whether through questioning, assistive technology, scientific modeling, or guided exploration, we will see that students benefit the most when we liven up the talk in the classroom.

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Current Issue

Journal Article

The Language of Science

By Elizabeth Barrett-Zahn

Early Childhood Elementary Literacy

Journal Article

Mapping Vocabulary Onto Student Sense-Making

By Christa Haverly, Batoul Hossein, and Jennifer Richards

Elementary Interdisciplinary Literacy Three-Dimensional Learning

Journal Article

Touch, Talk, Text

By Sarah J. Carrier, Jill F. Grifenhagen, and Danielle R. Scharen

Elementary Earth & Space Science Literacy Physical Science

Journal Article

Don’t Force It!

By Jesse Wilcox, Naryah Moore, Sarah Nolting, Courtney Reyna, and Caitlyn Potter

Kindergarten Phenomena Physical Science Physics


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