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Current Issue

May/June 2022: Activities and Investigations

This issue of Science and Children offers some entry points for delving into classroom investigations that would be meaningful and may help create that student-led atmosphere of curiosity and wonder. Articles shared include socio-scientific issues, social-emotional learning, health-related inquiries, and virtual camp experiences. Using physics, sound, or engineering as a starting point, students can evaluate movement, explore pitch and volume, and learn to value community funds of knowledge when solving real-world issues.

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Current Issue

Journal Article

Poetry Activities and Investigations

By Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong

Elementary Interdisciplinary Literacy

Journal Article

Sniffs and Waggles

By Christine Anne Royce

Elementary Biology Literacy Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Sliding and Colliding Into Physics

By Pamela Lottero-Perdue, Kathryn Blaney, and Cody Sandifer

Early Childhood Kindergarten Instructional Materials Physical Science Physics Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

It Starts at Home

By Melissa Cieto and Stephen B. Witzig

Elementary Equity Inclusion Social Justice Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Scientifically Modeling Water

By Tina Vo, Rebekah Hammack, and Connie Michael

Elementary Engineering Environmental Science Interdisciplinary

Journal Article

Diagnostics Through Sound

By Dieuwertje J. Kast, Surbhi Bansil, and W. Martin Kast

Elementary Biology Physical Science Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Useful Beyond Assessments

By Sarah K. Benson, William J. Therrien, Gail E. Lovette, Christian Doabler, and Maria Longhi

Elementary Assessment Professional Learning Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

I Will Survive

By Kristin Cook and Jessica Ivy

Elementary Biology Engineering Environmental Science Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Cross-grade Collaboration

By Debbie Ericksen and Rachel Glassman

Elementary Inclusion Interdisciplinary Literacy

Journal Article

Growing With Phenomenon

By Tiffany Pace

Elementary Biology Phenomena

Journal Article

From Math Methods and Science Methods…To STEM Methods

By Lisa Douglass, Cherry Steffen, and David Pownell

Elementary Interdisciplinary STEM Teacher Preparation


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