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July/August 2022: Fostering Scientific Literacy

Think about your classroom. When your students encounter an interesting question or a problem they can’t solve quickly, what do they do? Do they investigate or want to know more? Taking it a step further, how do students try to answer questions or solve problems? Are they satisfied with a quick internet search or listening to one personal account or solution? When given information, do they evaluate the quality or reliability of the science behind it? With questions such as these, we need to be asking ourselves how we are genuinely supporting scientific literacy in our classrooms

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Current Issue

Journal Article

Fostering Scientific Literacy

By Elizabeth Barrett-Zahn

Elementary Literacy

Journal Article

What If?

By Alissa A. Lange

Early Childhood Pre-K Interdisciplinary Literacy

Journal Article

Windows Into Thinking

By Kenneth Fleming, Allison Esparza, Beverly Irby, Rafael Lara-Alecio, Fuhui Tong, and Cindy Guerrero

Elementary Inclusion Interdisciplinary Literacy Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Modeling, Reading, and Talking, Oh My!

By Miranda S. Fitzgerald, Amber S. Bismack, Amelia Wenk Gotwals, Tanya S. Wright, and Erin K. Washburn

Elementary 5E Interdisciplinary Literacy Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Starting With Science

By Jesse Wilcox, Shawna Person, and Catherine Lyons

Elementary Biology Earth & Space Science Interdisciplinary Literacy

Journal Article

Creating Opportunities

By Jeanne L. Brunner and Christine McGrail

Elementary Literacy Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

The Miracle of Hickory

By Leslie Bradbury, Rachel Wilson, Eric Groce, Kirby Bell, and Carly Mize

Elementary Instructional Materials Interdisciplinary Life Science Literacy Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Putting Problem-based Learning in Its Place

By Erica R. Hamilton, Kimberly Pawelka, Terrie Morrow, and Lisa Marckini-Polk

Elementary Biology Earth & Space Science Pedagogy Teaching Strategies


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