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Science and Children—May/June 2023


Volume 60, Number 5

May/June 2023

Environmental Science: Natural Disasters

Opening just about any newspaper or tuning into a local newscast will inevitably reveal a story about a recent disaster or the possibility of an impending one. Whether it’s floods, fires, or storm-related devastation, we have become accustomed to not only reading or listening to these stories but increasingly experiencing them firsthand.  

Journal Article

Natural Disasters

By Elizabeth Barrett-Zahn

Elementary Climate Science Earth & Space Science Phenomena

Journal Article

What Do You Notice?

By Heidi Masters, Sydney Jares, Alyah Tesch, and Emma Kleindl

Environmental Science Phenomena Physical Science

Journal Article

River’s Edge Construction

By Tyneezha Harris, Min Jung Lee, Kristie Gutierrez, and Jennifer Kidd

Elementary Climate Change Climate Science Environmental Science Phenomena

Journal Article

Garden Variety

By Sky Feller, Stacey Halpern, and Nora Underwood

Elementary Biology Earth & Space Science Phenomena Science and Engineering Practices

Journal Article

It Takes a Village

By Richard Schaen, Janet Zydney, and Lauren Angelone

Elementary Biology Citizen Science Earth & Space Science Life Science

Journal Article

Fostering Community-Engaged Problem-Solvers

By Amanda Rapstad, Rebekah Hammack, and Nicholas Lux

Elementary Earth & Space Science Engineering Phenomena

Journal Article

Rainfall, River Height, and Local Relevance

By Lauren E. Brase, Lindsay C. Mossa, and Edward C. Robeck

Elementary Climate Change Climate Science Earth & Space Science Phenomena

Journal Article

Walking the Walk and Talking the Talk

By Alison Haas, Abigail Schwenger, Leah Master, Scott E. Grapin, and Okhee Lee

NGSS Pedagogy Professional Learning

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