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Teaching strategies, or pedagogy, refers to the methods and practices of teaching.

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Freebies and Opportunities for Science and STEM Teachers, May 28, 2024

Reports Article

Freebies and Opportunities for Science and STEM Teachers, May 21, 2024

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Teacher Spotlight: Jenna Halsey

Teacher Spotlight...


Journal Article

Collaborative Learning and Andy Weir’s Project Hail Mary

Editor's Corner...


Journal Article

The First and Most Important Day of Class

Focus on Physics...


Journal Article

Fostering Inclusive Collaboration: Strategies to Disrupt Inequities in Student Groupwork

This paper examines challenges in student groupwork, emphasizing the impact of collaborative learning dynamics on outcomes. Addressing uneven particip...


Journal Article

Early Retirement: Making Sense of Patterns in Historical Data of Retired Hurricanes

Long after a hurricane passes over and through any region or coastal area, the memories of it often linger. There may be visual reminders of the storm...


Journal Article

Blackout Poetry: Eclipsing with words and images to Illuminate ideas

Integrating literacy practices in science classrooms can help students with reading complex scientific text, write arguments as part of shared cross-d...


Journal Article

Application of retesting as a learning tool in an online science course

Retrieval practice has been proved effective in conceptual science learning and retesting was applied in retrieval practice and showed significant imp...


Journal Article

The illogical leap to summative without formative: Low-risk assessments of high-risk students in human anatomy and physiology classes

Nationally, students fail anatomy and physiology courses at some of the highest rates compared to other courses at the undergraduate level. Formative ...


Journal Article

The Micro Assignment Guided Inquiry and Collaboration (MAGIC) method: A qualitative discussion of the benefits of active learning through scaffolded assignments in upper-level physics and mathematics

In this article, we discuss Micro Assignment Guided Inquiry and Collaboration (MAGIC), an active learning method that draws on the merits of inquiry-b...


Journal Article

Authentic assessments for an in-person or online science course for pre-service teachers

Creating authentic science assessments that engage students in conceptual understanding and provide evidence of their learning is challenging. Student...

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