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Journal Article

Putting Problem-based Learning in Its Place

By Erica R. Hamilton, Kimberly Pawelka, Terrie Morrow, and Lisa Marckini-Polk

Elementary Biology Earth & Space Science Pedagogy Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

The Miracle of Hickory

By Leslie Bradbury, Rachel Wilson, Eric Groce, Kirby Bell, and Carly Mize

Elementary Instructional Materials Interdisciplinary Life Science Literacy Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Creating Opportunities

By Jeanne L. Brunner and Christine McGrail

Elementary Literacy Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Modeling, Reading, and Talking, Oh My!

By Miranda S. Fitzgerald, Amber S. Bismack, Amelia Wenk Gotwals, Tanya S. Wright, and Erin K. Washburn

Elementary 5E Interdisciplinary Literacy Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Windows Into Thinking

By Kenneth Fleming, Allison Esparza, Beverly Irby, Rafael Lara-Alecio, Fuhui Tong, and Cindy Guerrero

Elementary Inclusion Interdisciplinary Literacy Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Impact of a Co-Taught Physics Course on Preservice Science Teachers’ Views of Teaching and Learning of Physics

This article focuses on the impact of a physics class on secondary science teacher candidates’ views of teaching and learning physics. The course wa...

By Kadir Demir, Brett Criswell, and William Stoll

Physics Preservice Science Education Teacher Preparation Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Using Structured Decision-Making in the Classroom to Promote Information Literacy in the Context of Decision-Making

An important facet of college students’ science literacy and job market preparation is developing skills for finding and applying information to dec...

By Jenny M. Dauer, Amanda E. Sorensen, and P. Citlally Jimenez

Literacy Teacher Preparation Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

An Argumentative Writing Prompt Model to Support Nonscience Major Students’ Learning in an Introductory Chemistry Course

An argumentative writing prompt model is presented for use in a general chemistry class designed for nonscience major students. The purpose of this in...

By Claudia Aguirre-Mendez and Ying-Chih Chen

Chemistry Instructional Materials Interdisciplinary Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

From Science in the Art Gallery to Art in the Science Classroom

In this study, 26 teachers for kindergarten through Grade 8 in six schools participated in a comprehensive and interdisciplinary professional developm...

By Lauren Madden, Carolina Blatt, Louise Ammentorp, Eileen Heddy, Dana Kneis, and Nicole Stanton

Interdisciplinary Pedagogy Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

A Human-Centered Design Tool Kit for STEM-Based Capstone Courses

In fall 2019, a food science instructor partnered with the design center at a large Midwestern university to create a student activity tool kit for in...

By Lucas O’Bryan, Dawn Bohn, and Saadeddine Shehab

College Biology Chemistry Curriculum STEM Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Operationalizing the Duty of Care Through Rubrics

Laboratory experiments are a key aspect of science education. However, they do have risks, and accidents do happen. Science educators have a duty of c...

By Emily Faulconer

Postsecondary Labs Safety Teaching Strategies

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