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Just Because It Sounds Plausible, Doesn’t Mean It’s True

Plausible scientific arguments abound. Those who wish to deceive often weave a tangled web of plausible scientific arguments to support their case. Wh...


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From Windy Day Stories to Wind Farms of the Future: Leveraging student resources to make sense of science phenomena with Data Puzzles

This article introduces the Data Puzzles instructional framework as a means to engage middle school students in the exploration of wind energy and its...


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Medical and cancer-STEM education for underrepresented minority elementary school students in Audiology, Gastroenterology and Osteology/Orthopedics

The goal of the University of Southern California (USC)/Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center funded Wonderkids Program is to develop medical and cancer ...


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Moving Beyond Equity-as-Access to Expanding What Counts as Science in the Elementary Classroom

Making science accessible is an important and worthy goal, but for many students, science is inaccessible because what counts as science in the classr...


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Discover student thinking while analyzing data…and having fun! (Data Literacy 101)

Our students rarely practice data skills with data not related to our science content, which makes sense given all we must teach. But always asking ou...


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Eliciting Student Thinking

Journal Article

The Science Practice of Modeling as a Sensemaking Tool

Does the scientific practice of modeling actually support students in making thinking visible? Middle school teachers can build from the work of 12 ...


Journal Article

Making Scientific Sensemaking Visible

Many teachers and schools are coming to recognize the importance of sensemaking in the science classroom. But what does an NGSS-informed sensemaking l...


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Making light work of gravity: Scaffolding middle schoolers’ thinking to help them understand gravitational lensing.

Although the NGSS has helped teachers conceptualize teaching science in a more integrated way, effectively scaffolding students’ thinking within and...


Journal Article

Promoting Sensemaking Through an Impactful Instructional Sequence

A valuable framework for promoting sensemaking includes the convergence of two independent ideas: (1) the focus of modern education on teaching for un...


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Freebies and Opportunities for Science and STEM Teachers, January 9, 2024

Journal Article

Argumentation Goes Viral

Although argumentation is a critical historical component of scientific literacy, the recent coronavirus pandemic and associated issues have highlight...

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