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The NSTA Website is Your Online Textbook

Professors who choose to use NSTA as their course textbook receive a free NSTA professional membership. Each student enrolled in their class then purchases a NSTA Class Bundle which is an electronic product composed of (1) a NSTA Digital Membership and (2) the ability to add fee-based resources for free to their library. All resources added to a student’s library remain accessible to them for life. The fee-based resources included in this program are:

  • The entire suite of 26 Interactive E-Books+ Professional (Value: Over $650.00)
  • Up to 15 E-Book Chapters from NSTA Press books (Value: Over $40.00)

Get Started

How to Begin?

Create your class landing page to "test-drive" the NSTA resources, professional learning tools, and online community. An NSTA staff member will contact you to share strategies for best use and to answer questions.

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How Does it Work?

  1. Create an engaging suite of content and experiences using their resources, external URLs, and NSTA digital resources, professional learning tools, and online community. 
  2. Track their students’ usage, online participation, and learning via the professor’s dashboard and students’ profiles. 
  3. Become NSTA members for free by choosing to use NSTA as their textbook (Professional). 
University Students: 
  1. Build a digital library of professional learning resources they can use during the course and for the rest of their career. 
  2. Engage in discourse and network with other professional educators via community forums and web seminars. 
  3. Use professional learning tools to personalize, manage, and document their growth. 
  4. Receive recognition for their online work via badges and leader boards. 
  5. Become NSTA members (Digital Discounted) after paying the price point of your choice ($72 or $99). 

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"Several middle level teacher candidates in our class this fall semester passed the Praxis II Middle Level Science exam on their first attempt! They credited the NSTA SciPacks as one of the resources that contributed to their success. Also, they wholeheartedly recommended my continued use of the NSTA resources..."

Nathan Carnes, Ph.D.
Associate Director Center for Teaching Excellence
University of South Carolina

What is the Cost to the Students?

There are two different price points for the Class Bundle. The professor selects the price point for all the students in the class. Students can purchase the Class Bundle online through the NSTA Website with a credit card. If necessary, an option is available for students to purchase an access code via the university book store.

$99 per student

  • NSTA Digital Membership that is good through the student’s graduation date
  • 1-year time for the student to add to the library up to 15 e-Book Chapters and self-pace online modules (26 modules available on a variety of topics).

$72 per student

  • 1-year NSTA Digital Membership
  • 6-month time for the student to add to the library up to 15 e-Book Chapters and self-pace online modules (26 modules available on a variety of topics).



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