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The eight science and engineering practices reflect the work of scientists and engineers for students to establish, extend, and refine their science knowledge.

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Get a KLEW(S)! Collaboration is Key for Translating Contemporary Research into Teaching, Learning Science by Kate Soriano

I first encountered the KLEWS teaching strategy in an article in Science and Children (NSTA 2015), “KLEWS to Explanation-Building in Science.” I s...

Blog Post

Helping Students Make Sense of the World Using Next Generation Science and Engineering Practices

When it’s time for a game change, you need a guide to the new rules. Helping Students Make Sense of the World Using Next Generation Science and Engi...

NSTA Press Book

Exploring the Practices and Crosscutting Concepts

This chapter provides a series of activities to help science teachers understand the three dimensions of the Framework for K–12 Science Education—...

Book Chapter

Engaging Students in Scientific Practices: What Does Constructing and Revising Models Look Like in the Science Classroom?

In this article, the authors look in-depth at scientific practice number 2—developing, evaluating, and revising scientific models to explain and pre...

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NSTA Press Book

The NSTA Atlas of the Three Dimensions

New in 2020! Download and read a sample chapter from this book to learn more. A key aspect of learning in K–12 education is the idea that what stu...


Interactive E-book Kids

Peeking Inside Plants

In the Peeking Inside Plants eBook, learners explore plant structures (stems, leaves, flowers, roots, and fruit) in order to build an argument about h...


NSTA Press Book

Argument-Driven Inquiry in Physics, Volume 2: Electricity and Magnetism Lab Investigations for Grades 9–12

New in 2020! Download and read a sample chapter from this book to learn more....


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The Sixth E


It’s Still Debatable! Using Socioscientific Issues to Develop Scientific Literacy, K–5 (e-book)

It’s Still Debatable! encourages scientific literacy by showing you how to teach the content and thinking skills K–5 students need to explore real...


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It’s Alive?!?

Interactive E-book Kids

Fish Out of Water

Kat is a student paleontologist who uses a video chat app to communicate with readers during her expedition to visit a paleontological site in the des...


Interactive E-book Kids

Are They the Same?

This e-book is based on the natural phenomenon that any group of plants or animals will demonstrate individual variation that allows scientists to dis...


Interactive E-book Kids

Help Me Grow

Help Me Grow is an interactive book where readers enter a forest to see how four different animals raise their young. Interactivities and questions gu...


NSTA Press Book

Eureka, Again! K–2 Science Activities and Stories

It’s never too early to put a human face on science and engineering! Research shows that a child’s ideas about how scientists and engineers look a...


Interactive E-book Kids

Exploring Matter in Space

It is the year 2095, and Great Uncle Dar has just taken up the post of chief engineer on the solar system’s first inflatable space apartment buildin...


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Engaging Children in Multidisciplinary Learning Centers

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