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Curricula outline the scope of knowledge that students learn in a given subject area, and include a sequence of concepts and activities for learning. While standards outline goals of learning, a curriculum provides the means.

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Journal Article

Fostering Inclusive Collaboration: Strategies to Disrupt Inequities in Student Groupwork

This paper examines challenges in student groupwork, emphasizing the impact of collaborative learning dynamics on outcomes. Addressing uneven particip...


Journal Article

Talk it Out! Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment with Dialogues

Getting ALL students involved in a class can be a difficult task. Getting students EXCITED about reading, writing, and learning can be an even MORE d...


Journal Article

Exploring Climate Change through Students’ Place Connections and Public Data Sets

Climate change is a pressing societal challenge. It is also a pedagogical challenge and a worldwide phenomenon, whose local impacts vary across differ...


Reports Article

Freebies and Opportunities for Science and STEM Teachers, May 14, 2024

Reports Article

Freebies and Opportunities for Science and STEM Teachers, April 16, 2024

Journal Article

Developing Dispositions for Indigenous Science Knowledge to Design and Assess Lesson Plans in Elementary Environmental Science

This article presents a framework to design lesson plans for elementary science teachers using insights from a summer-long research experience for tea...


Journal Article

Comprehensiveness, frequency, and consistency of science in elementary schedules The role of leaders in supporting elementary science

Science in the elementary grades is often deprioritized in comparison to ELA and mathematics. We wondered, how comprehensively, frequently, and consis...


Journal Article

The Power of Suggest…ed Practice:Using Optional Practice Instead of Assigned Homework in the High School Science Classroom

How do we as teachers balance the need of students to practice class content with their intense schedules, extracurriculars, and need for a healthy an...


Journal Article

Scaling Up: Lessons for Persuading Science Faculty to Adopt an Evidence-Based Intervention

The science education community is deeply vested in growing the next generation of scientists. One way to do this is through evidence-based intervent...


Journal Article

The Influence of Learning Assistants on Faculty Use of Student-Centered Instruction

The Learning Assistant (LA) Program is a near-peer teaching model with three key components: 1) reevaluation of curriculum and lesson design to incorp...


Journal Article

Student advice for success in high structure science and engineering courses

High structure courses ask students to be active participants in the learning process with pre-class content acquisition and assessment, in-class acti...


Journal Article

Development of a Problem Based Learning (PBL) Course at a Health Professions University – “Interdisciplinary Perspectives of an Infectious Disease - Malaria”

Faculty at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS University) recognized the potential benefits for collaborative teaching and l...

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