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Science and Children—November/December 2020

Volume 58, Number 2

Earth and Space Science for Young Learners

Journal Article

What a Year

By Elizabeth Barrett-Zahn

Elementary Earth & Space Science News

Journal Article

Remembering Bill

By Linda Froschauer, Brian Diskin, and Matt Bobrowsky


Journal Article

To the Moon With Poetry

By Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong

Early Childhood Instructional Materials Literacy

Journal Article

Dinosaur Detectives

By Laura B. Schneider and Angelique Kelly

Early Childhood 5E Earth & Space Science Evolution Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Virtual Sungazing

By Sarah Glassman, Elizabeth Shepard, Ryan Seymour, and Christina Zdawczyk

Early Childhood Astronomy Earth & Space Science Inquiry Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

It's Dark So Early!

By Carolyn S. Collins and Molly D. Perkins

Earth & Space Science Instructional Materials Science and Engineering Practices

Journal Article

Decoding the Corn Field

By Dante Cisterna, Erin Ingram, Devarati Bhattacharya, Ranu Roy and Cory Forbes

Elementary Biology Earth & Space Science Instructional Materials Interdisciplinary Teaching Strategies

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