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Science and Children—July/August 2020


Volume 57, No. 9

Engaging Families

Many of us closed out the school year in an unprecedented way. Now we are considering what school will look like in the fall. To support our readers, Science and Children has reevaluated our upcoming themes. We will continue to provide support for teaching and learning in a wide variety of platforms. Many of the selections shared in this issue can be adjusted for at-home or virtual learning. Teachers and parents have forged a bond and a renewed a level of respect for each other during this pandemic. We will continue to need each other as we move back into school later this year.

Digital Edition

Journal Article

Engaging Families

By Elizabeth Barrett-Zahn

Early Childhood Elementary

Journal Article

Science Learning in the Early Years

By Carol Bland

Early Childhood

Journal Article

Doing Science Anywhere

By Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong

Elementary Interdisciplinary

Journal Article

Bridging the Gap

By Kimberly Lott, Brenda Bennett, and Sara Urbanek-Carney

Early Childhood Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Sailing into Engineering

By Matthew Perkins Coppola and Alice Merz

Early Childhood Engineering Physical Science

Journal Article

Science Plus ELA: A Natural Fit

By Lauren M. Shea and Therese Shanahan

Elementary 5E Multilingual Learners Interdisciplinary

Journal Article

Shape, Bake, and Grow!

By Shelly Counsell, Mary Palmer, and Felicia Peat

Early Childhood Elementary Preschool Biology Environmental Science Life Science

Journal Article

Students as Citizen Scientists: It’s Elementary

By Meredith Hayes, P. Sean Smith, and W. Robert Midden

Elementary Citizen Science

Journal Article

Look, It’s Changing!

By Bridget Miller, Christie Martin, and Diane Ford

Elementary Engineering

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