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Science and Children—January/February 2021


Volume 58, Number 3

We welcome this new year with open arms, hope, and optimism for an end to the COVID-19 pandemic. As we begin to return toward normal life, there is much to reflect upon about this challenging year. With science playing such an essential role in the development of vaccines to defeat the Coronavirus, we shall hopefully appreciate science’s crucial role in our interconnected world and fundamental role in our education systems. Equally important will be the job of engineering in designing solutions for mass production, transportation, and administration of vaccines for all. As we embark on this massive engineering feat of global distribution and vaccination, engineering—the focus of our January/February issue—will be in the spotlight.

Journal Article

Welcome to 2021!

By Elizabeth Barrett-Zahn


Journal Article

Celebrating Engineers

By Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong

Elementary Engineering Interdisciplinary

Journal Article

What Is Brainstorming?

By Page Keeley

Elementary Assessment Pedagogy

Journal Article

Pinning and Planning

By Ryan S. Nixon, Shannon L. Navy, Sarah Barnett, Marissa Johnson, and Delaney Larson

Elementary Instructional Materials Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Innovation and Design

By Julie K. Jackson, Michelle Forsythe, Joseph Parthemore, Alexis RIx, and Danielle Medeiros

Elementary Engineering Literacy

Journal Article

A Light Challenge

By Alissa A. Lange, Erin Rice, Noell Howe, and Qiuju Tian

Elementary Instructional Materials Physical Science Physics

Journal Article

Inspiring Young Minds

By Kelly Feille, Annie Wildes, Janet Pyle, and Jessica Marshall

Elementary STEM Technology

Journal Article

Mission Cognition

By Ronald W. Rinehart, Benjamin D. Olsen, Lisa Freese, and Mason Kuhn

Elementary Aerospace Astronomy Physical Science

Journal Article

Mapping Students’ Engineering Processes with Design Zones

By Nicole Batrouny, Kristen Wendell, Chelsea Andrews, and Tejaswini Dalvi

Elementary Engineering NGSS

Journal Article

Why Are There Coral in the Cliffs?

By Laura B. Schneider and Kayce Wills

NGSS Phenomena Physical Science

Journal Article

Trap the Zhu Zhu!

By Sandra Pearl and Elizabeth Bless

Elementary Biology Engineering Interdisciplinary

Journal Article

Impression Obsession

By Jane Tingle Broderick, Kathryn Boniol, Nathan Martin, Kate Robshaw, and Virginia Holley

Elementary Engineering

Journal Article

Teaching Nature of Engineering with Picture Books

By Hasan Deniz, Ezgi Yesilyurt, and Erdogan Kaya

Elementary Engineering Literacy

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