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Science and Children—January 2020


Volume 57, Number 5

This month we take a look at ideas for exploring science and engineering at home. Helping families create a culture of curiosity and wonder with thoughtful suggestions for explorations, connections to literature, ideas for extensions, and opportunities for collaboration and communication will help carve out more time for science in students’ lives.

Journal Article

Finding Time for Science

By Elizabeth Barrett-Zahn

Journal Article

Science at Home

By Peggy Ashbrook

Elementary Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Taking Science Home With Technology

By Heather Pacheco-Guffrey

Elementary General Science Technology

Journal Article

Doing Science at Home

By Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong


Journal Article

Reading Adventures

By Tiffany Pace

Elementary Literacy

Journal Article

Science Packs

By Julianne A. Wenner and Soñia Galaviz

Elementary STEM Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

At Home With Bats

By Jocelyn Miller and Katy Roberson

Elementary Biology STEM

Journal Article

The Boxcar Challenge Unit

By Kirsten D. Edwards, Amelia Wenk Gotwals, and Tanya S. Wright

Elementary Engineering Literacy

Journal Article

The Game of Life and Death

By Lindsay Todd, Lisa Keim, and Dale Broder

Elementary Biology Evolution

Journal Article

The Power of Observation

By Sally J. Bensusen

Elementary Teaching Strategies

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