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Science and Children—April/May 2019

Even the most exquisitely designed science kit will fall short. The articles in this month’s issue of Science and Children transcend cookbook-type teaching approaches and strategies by providing students with wholesome, fully balanced learning situations.

Journal Article

Pulley Islands

By Shelly Rodriguez, Alex Morrison, and Patrick Benfield

Elementary 5E Physical Science

Journal Article

It’s Alive?!?

By Kaitlin Clough, Jerrid Kruse, and Jesse Wilcox

Early Childhood Preschool Life Science Crosscutting Concepts Science and Engineering Practices

Journal Article

The Worms Are Dancing!

An integrated learning experience with preschoolers ...

By Alissa Lange, Lynn Lodien, and Anna Lowe

Early Childhood Pre-service Teachers Preschool Environmental Science Life Science

The Early Years: Create a Kit

Journal Article

The Early Years: Create a Kit

This column discusses resources and science topics related to students in grades preK to 2. This issue describes how teachers can build their own kits...

Early Childhood Elementary Pre-service Teachers Preschool Instructional Materials Teaching Strategies

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