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Science and Children—July/August 2021

july/august 2021
July/August 2021
Volume 58, Number 6
In our ever-increasingly connected world, accessible through the convenience of travel and extensive improvements in digital communication, we routinely interact with people across the globe in business ventures, global collaborations, entertainment, and as teams of scientists and engineers. In this past year, we’ve come to realize just how interconnected people are from every corner of the globe as we’ve battled the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Journal Article

Global Connections

By Elizabeth Barrett-Zahn

Early Childhood Elementary Interdisciplinary STEM

Journal Article

Exploring the STEM Landscape

By Jesse Wilcox, Jerrid Kruse, and Scott Decker

Elementary Earth & Space Science STEM

Journal Article

How Slow Is Your Parachute?

By Aisling Leavy, Mairéad Hourigan, Anne O’Dwyer, Claire Carroll, Edward Corry, and Miriam Hamilton

5E Physics STEM

Journal Article

An Engineering Funds of Knowledge Framework

By Kathleen Schenkel, Angela Calabrese Barton, Chelsey Wiersma, Olivia Eiden, Edna Tan and Scott Calabrese Barton

Elementary Engineering STEM Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Where in the World?

By Shazia Iqbal, Jocelyn Miller, and Walter Smith

Elementary Aerospace Engineering Teaching Strategies Technology

Journal Article

Influencing Perceptions of STEM Through the Best STEM Books List

By Scott Bartholomew and Alexia Seymour

Elementary Literacy STEM

Journal Article

Turn Up the Music!

By Caitlyn Lindaberry and Catherine Scott

Elementary Engineering Interdisciplinary Physics STEM

Journal Article

What’s So Phenomenal About Animals?

By Kristen Sinoradzki and TJ McKenna

Elementary Biology Labs Phenomena

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