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Science and Children—January/February 2022

Volume 59, Number 3
Design Thinking is a mindset that values perspectives and embraces failure. Students are encouraged to iterate and think flexibly, promoting innovation through outside-the-box thinking. Creativity and ingenuity are invaluable outcomes.

Journal Article

Poetry for Design Thinking

By Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong

Elementary Interdisciplinary Literacy

Journal Article

Intentional, Creative, Powerful

By Heather Pacheco-Guffrey

Elementary Computer Science Technology

Journal Article

Wondering About Wobbling

By Alexandria Muller, Tarah Connolly, John Galisky, Ron Skinner, Devon M. Christman, and Danielle Harlow

Elementary Engineering Instructional Materials Interdisciplinary Labs Teaching Strategies Technology

Journal Article

Patterns That Matter

By Jesse Wilcox, Reade Reiter, Abby Rose, Alex Alberts, and Katie Murano

Crosscutting Concepts Engineering Interdisciplinary NGSS

Journal Article

Chicken-Centered Design

By Jody Stout, Rob Rouse, Jonathan Malesic, and Katie Krummeck

Biology Engineering Environmental Science Interdisciplinary Technology

Journal Article

Student Agency Through Engineering

By Shiela Lee, John Russell, Todd Campbell, and Okhee Lee

Engineering Equity NGSS Science and Engineering Practices

Journal Article

Science Day and Night

By Laura B. Schneider and Stephanie Grable

5E Biology Environmental Science Interdisciplinary Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Assessment for English Learners

By Lorena Llosa, Scott E. Grapin, and Alison Haas

Assessment English Language Learners Equity Physical Science

Journal Article

A “Meteor” Crashed Into Our School!

By Dana Zeidler, Mitch Ruzek, and Melanie Kinskey

Crosscutting Concepts Instructional Materials Interdisciplinary

Journal Article

Engaging With Engineering

By Evan Jorgenson and Jerrid Kruse

Elementary Engineering Teaching Strategies

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