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Science and Children—September/October 2022

Volume 60, Number 1
Joyful Science
This school year, let’s find ways to make learning joyful. When I think of joyful learning, I do not think only about the development of lifelong learners ready to ask questions, who actively dive into an inquiry, but I also see children who exhibit curiosity and inquisitiveness and are actively having fun. Making the learning meaningful and joyful includes attending to social-emotional learning needs and capitalizing on student interest, questions, and wonderment.

Journal Article

Joyful Science

By Heather Pacheco-Guffrey

Elementary Instructional Materials Technology

Journal Article

Visualizing Habitats

By Jesse Wilcox and Abby Rose

Elementary Biology Instructional Materials NGSS

Journal Article

Mystery Critters

By Allison Esparza, Sara Raven, and Kaelyn Parks

Elementary Biology Life Science Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Project-based Learning in Argentina

By Valeria Vincent, Frieda Powell, Emily Adah Miller, and Susan Codere Kelly

Crosscutting Concepts Interdisciplinary Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Walk of Wild Things

By Melinda Hammerschmidt, Rebecca Crowder Dischner, and Dea Borneman

Elementary Biology Interdisciplinary Life Science STEM

Journal Article

Migrating Beyond the Classroom

By Michelle Monette, Jeffrey Brewster, Nicole Lalier, Joy Pires, and Theodora Pinou

Biology Interdisciplinary Life Science Teacher Preparation

Journal Article

Can’t Pick It Up?

By Erdogan Kaya, Hasan Deniz, and Ezgi Yesilyurt

Elementary Engineering Instructional Materials STEM Technology

Journal Article

How Plants Gain Weight

By April Mitchell, Cayme Olsen, and Kimberly Lott

Elementary Biology Life Science NGSS

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