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Manuscript Review Form: Science and Children

Manuscript Review Form: Science and Children

Science and Children coverYour anonymous comments will be used to help the author revise the manuscript.
  1. Is the manuscript accurate, scientifically and otherwise? Explain any inaccuracies.
  2. Is the activity/content grade-level appropriate and is it clear to the reader that the activity/strategy has actually been used in the classroom?
  3. Are classroom management tips for grouping, time, equipment, etc., included in the manuscript?
  4. Does the manuscript target and clearly outline a particular combination of disciplinary core ideas, science and engineering practices, and cross cutting concepts as identified in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)? Are correct codes for the associated standard and/or performance expectation from the NGSS provided?
  5. Does the manuscript explicitly link to any grade level Common Core Standards for English Language Arts and/or Mathematics listed in the Connection Box of the NGSS? If so, is the alignment grade-level appropriate?
  6. Is the activity safe at the recommended grade level? Are appropriate safety procedures included? List any missing safety considerations that you feel are necessary for this activity.
  7. Is the manuscript thorough? Are the activities, procedures, examples, and other components complete? Do the student directions, questions, and other tasks require higher-order thinking skills that focus on deeper understanding and application of content?
  8. Is the manuscript easy to read and logically sequenced; does it flow well from start to finish?
  9. Is the activity interesting and new? Is it similar to another activity from a print or online source? Does the manuscript promote a person or commercial product/service?
  10. Is the manuscript inclusive with regard to gender, multicultural awareness, and costs? Are differentiation strategies for students with special needs provided?
  11. Does the manuscript contain appropriate current research citations, personal experiences, or other evidence to support the strategies it recommends and the claims it makes?
  12. Does the manuscript contain effective formative and summative assessments? Are the assessments accessible and unbiased; do they use grade-level appropriate language? Are rubrics, answer keys, and scoring guidelines provided? Do they offer sufficient guidance for interpreting student performance?
  13. Overall recommendation for this manuscript:
Recommendation (check one)  
Send for minor revision  
Send for major revision  
Reject with encouragement to rewrite/resubmit  


Overall Rating:
Good (high potential)  
Fair (medium potential)  
Poor (low potential)  

Comments to the editor that you do not wish to be shared with the author:

Summary comments for the author including anything that does not fit any section above:

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