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Science and Children—March/April 2023


Volume 60, Number 4

Ten Years of NGSS: Lessons Learned

In the 10 years since the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) were released, 44 states have implemented standards influenced by A Framework for K–12 Science Education and/or the NGSS. In this issue of Science and Children, we examine how these adopted standards have changed or supported science learning in preschool through elementary classrooms.

Journal Article

Lessons Learned

By Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong

Early Childhood Interdisciplinary Literacy

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Integrating Critical Pedagogy of Place

By Alayla Ende, Alexandra Schindel, Jennifer Tripp, Christine Wang, and Tanya Christ

Elementary NGSS Pedagogy Science and Engineering Practices Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Toward Equity for Multilingual Learners

By Emily Reigh, Emily Adah Miller, Maria Chiara Simani, and Alice Severson

Elementary Equity Multicultural Multilingual Learners NGSS Pedagogy

Journal Article

Garden Variety

By Sky Feller, Stacey Halpern, and Nora Underwood

Elementary Biology Life Science NGSS

Journal Article

Farmers vs. Rabbits

By Heidi Masters, Jacob Brehmer, Doug Feyen, and David McKittrick

Elementary Earth & Space Science Engineering Interdisciplinary Life Science Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Fostering Cultural Community Wealth

By Kelley Woolford Buchheister, Christa Jackson, and Cynthia E. Taylor

NGSS Phenomena Three-Dimensional Learning

Journal Article

What Science Should Look and Sound Like

By Kathy Renfrew


Journal Article

Making Stone Soup

By Laura Robertson, Alissa Lange, Jamie Price, Andrea Lowery, Holly McAvoy Scott, Qiuju Tian, and Ryan Nivens

Elementary Pedagogy Preservice Science Education Teacher Preparation

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