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Science and Children—September/October 2021

Volume 59, Number 1
September/October 2021
In this issue of Science and Children, we focus on how teachers plan for and implement three-dimensional lessons for a wide variety of topics for all grades. Look for the common theme threaded through all the articles in providing opportunities for students to experience science and engineering “as” scientists and engineers through sensemaking and student-led inquiries.

Journal Article

Poetry in Three Dimensions

By Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong

Elementary Literacy Physical Science

Journal Article

Mesozoic Measurement

By Laura B. Schneider and Angelique Kelly

Elementary 5E Earth & Space Science Pedagogy Three-Dimensional Learning

Journal Article

Not Your Average Parachute

By Kelsey Lipsitz, Fred Stein, Lynn Rankin, Barry Kluger-Bell, and Rachel Jordan

Elementary Crosscutting Concepts Disciplinary Core Ideas NGSS Science and Engineering Practices Teacher Preparation Teaching Strategies

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