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Science Scope—November/December 2020

Volume 44, Number 2

Using Literature in the Science Classroom

Journal Article

Multimodal Text Sets to Use Literature and Engage All Learners in the Science Classroom

By Amy Lannin, Rachel Juergensen, Cassandra Smith, Heba Abdelnaby, Delinda van Garderen, William Folk, Torrey Palmer and Lori Pinkston

Middle School Equity Inclusion Instructional Materials Literacy Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Science in Your Stacks

By Julie K. Jackson, Michelle Forsythe and Leo Contreras

Middle School 5E Inquiry Instructional Materials Interdisciplinary Literacy NGSS Pedagogy

Journal Article

Fact or Fiction

By Krista L. Adams, Emily L. Zuccaro and Jilliane R. McCardle

Middle School Instructional Materials Interdisciplinary Literacy

Journal Article

Moving Continents

By Jeff D. Thomas, Sally Valentino Drew and Kelsey Constantino

Earth & Space Science Inquiry Labs NGSS Phenomena Science and Engineering Practices Three-Dimensional Learning

Journal Article

Chimborazo Then and Now

By Ron Gray, Dane Henderson and Natalie Rothenberg

Middle School Climate Change Earth & Space Science Environmental Science Life Science

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