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Science Scope—September/October 2021

Volume 45, Number 1
September/October 2021
What can you do to promote creative thinking in your classroom? Consider a project-based learning approach and involve your students in competitions, science fairs, and engineering tasks. Connect them to working scientists. Engage them with robotics. Above all, let them see you struggle with failure, because failure plays an important role in the engineering and design process. For it is failure that catalyzes us to analyze, refine, invent, and apply creative approaches and models for solving problems.

Journal Article

Heat Reinvented

By Helen Zhang, David Jackson, Jeffrey Kiel, Leigh Estabrooks, So Lim Kim, Deoksoon Kim, Stephanie Couch, and G. Michael Barnett

Middle School Crosscutting Concepts Curriculum Engineering Interdisciplinary Multicultural Physical Science Science and Engineering Practices STEM

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