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Learning progressions refer to a coherent progression of knowledge (and skills) from grade-band to grade-band, allowing for a dynamic process of building knowledge throughout a student’s K-12 scientific education.

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The NSTA Atlas of the Three Dimensions

New in 2020! Download and read a sample chapter from this book to learn more. A key aspect of learning in K–12 education is the idea that what stu...

NSTA Press Book

Instructional Sequence Matters, Grades 3–5: Explore Before Explain

Instructional Sequence Matters, Grades 3–5 is a one-stop resource that will inspire you to reimagine how you teach science in elementary school. The...

NSTA Press Book

Latest Resources


Journal Article

Self-Regulated Learning Strategies for the Introductory Physics Course With Minimal Instructional Time Required

Self-regulated learning (SRL) is the metacognitive aspect of learning that goes beyond learning content and skills. With SRL, students are aware of th...


Journal Article

Arctic Feedbacks: Not All Warming Is Equal

Journal Article

Good Writing is All About Momentum

Reports Article

Freebies for Science Teachers, March 1, 2022

Journal Article

What is a Variable?

Journal Article

Is It Food?

Journal Article

Engaging and Empowering Students Through Choice

NSTA Press Book

Instructional Sequence Matters, Grades 9–12: Explore-Before-Explain in Physical Science

Instructional Sequence Matters, Grades 9–12 is the one-stop resource that will inspire you to reimagine your approach to high school physical scienc...


Journal Article

Growing STEM Learning Opportunities With Agriculture

Blog Post

'Now It Looks Like a Moon:' Opportunities for Science and Math Talk During Play

Journal Article

Teaching Sciences With Impact Using the Lectorial Approach: Stimulating Active Learning

This article reports on students’ experiences of the lectorial approach that was implemented for health science students studying sciences at a So...


Journal Article

Identifying Differences in Learning Strategies by Demographics and Course Grade in a Community College Context

Metacognition and self-regulated learning are skills that contribute to student success, but few studies have examined these topics within a communi...

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