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Journal Article

Self-Regulated Learning Strategies for the Introductory Physics Course With Minimal Instructional Time Required

Self-regulated learning (SRL) is the metacognitive aspect of learning that goes beyond learning content and skills. With SRL, students are aware of th...

By Stephanie Toro

Postsecondary Assessment Learning Progression Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Teaching Sciences With Impact Using the Lectorial Approach: Stimulating Active Learning

This article reports on students’ experiences of the lectorial approach that was implemented for health science students studying sciences at a So...

By Jyothi Thalluri and Joy Penman

Postsecondary Learning Progression Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Identifying Differences in Learning Strategies by Demographics and Course Grade in a Community College Context

Metacognition and self-regulated learning are skills that contribute to student success, but few studies have examined these topics within a communi...

By Matthew R. Fisher, Deborah Cole, Youngha Oh, and Sheela Vemu

Postsecondary Equity Learning Progression

Journal Article

Nonideal Placement of Nonmajors in Biology Major and Allied Health Courses Results in Poor Performance and Higher Attrition Rates

Nonideal enrollment of nonbiology majors into biology majors courses serves as an impediment to academic success and negatively impacts rates of col...

By Farshad Tamari, Mary Dawson, and Ivan Shun Ho

Postsecondary College Biology Curriculum Learning Progression Teacher Preparation

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