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Journal Article

Maximizing Learning Objectives in Undergraduate Research Journals

Undergraduate research journals (URJs) introduce students to the peer review and publication processes, teaching them to write manuscripts that will b...

By Shamel Basaria, Taylor S. Ginieczki, Shloka V. Janapaty, Rohan Nigam, and Davis H. Smith

Postsecondary Learning Progression Research Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Citizen Science Framing and Delivery Models: Impacts on Young People’s Environmental Science Learning

By Jessica Wardlaw, Ana Benavides-Lahnstein, Lucy Robinson, Julia Lorke, Sasha Pratt-Taweh, Maryam Ghadiri Khanaposhtani, Heidi Ballard, and Victoria Burton

Informal Education Citizen Science Environmental Science Learning Progression Research

Journal Article

Self-Regulated Learning Strategies for the Introductory Physics Course With Minimal Instructional Time Required

Self-regulated learning (SRL) is the metacognitive aspect of learning that goes beyond learning content and skills. With SRL, students are aware of th...

By Stephanie Toro

Postsecondary Assessment Learning Progression Teaching Strategies

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