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From Windy Day Stories to Wind Farms of the Future: Leveraging student resources to make sense of science phenomena with Data Puzzles

Science Scope—March/April 2024 (Volume 47, Issue 2)

By Jonathan Griffith, Melissa Braaten, Ann Dubick, Anne Gold

This article introduces the Data Puzzles instructional framework as a means to engage middle school students in the exploration of wind energy and its potential for future wind farm locations across the United States. By eliciting and leveraging student resources through an opening scenario that prompts personal experiences with wind, teachers can effectively connect students to abstract science phenomena and facilitate sense-making. The Data Puzzles framework combines authentic scientific datasets with the Ambitious Science Teaching pedagogical practices to support students in constructing knowledge and addressing contemporary phenomena.

Environmental Science Learning Progression Phenomena Sensemaking Teaching Strategies Three-Dimensional Learning

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