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Science Scope—July/August 2021

Volume 44, Number 6
Visual Literacy
A staple of 21st-century skills, visual literacy is addressed in several Common Core State Standards, but the skills associated with visual literacy are also essential to the sciences. Today’s students have constant access to websites and videos that require visual literacy skills if they are to be a critical consumer of media. Scientists, too, live in a visual world in which they are required to interpret, analyze, and evaluate visual materials.
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Journal Article

Wrapping It Up

By Kaitlyn McGlynn and Janey Kelly

Middle School Inclusion Literacy Pedagogy Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Under the Sea

By Jayma Koval, Sabrina Grossman, and Marion Usselman

Middle School Biology Interdisciplinary Literacy Technology

Journal Article

Green Plants, Red Glow

By Kathy-Uyen Nguyen, Andrew R. Ratchford, Jason L. Painter, Rachael Polmanteer, Ann E. Norcross, and Jonathan S. Lindsey

Middle School Biology Interdisciplinary Life Science Literacy

Journal Article

Going Viral

By Laura C. Todd and Brooke A. Whitworth

Middle School Biology Life Science Literacy Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

The “Magic” of Density

By Jacquelyn J. Mosely and Brooke A. Whitworth

5E Literacy Physical Science Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Modeling Magnetism With the Floating Paper Clip

By Sarah Braden, Lauren Barth-Cohen, Sara Gailey, and Tamara Young

Middle School Literacy Physical Science

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