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Science Scope—March/April 2023


Volume 46, Number 4

March/April 2023

Earth and Human Activity

This issue of Science Scope includes articles that address the impact of humans on the Earth, overconsumption of natural resources, and how natural events—such as volcanoes—shape the decisions of local people. I encourage you to consider applying the lens of the 8th billionth person to the articles. What role does our population play in the consumption of natural resources? What role should society play in addressing the consequences of the human population? How do we ensure access to clean water, healthy food, and quality healthcare for all humans?

Journal Article

8 Billion and Counting

By Patty McGinnis

Middle School News NGSS STEM

Journal Article

What is in Our Air?

By Natasha Wilkerson, Benjamin Janney, and Rachelle Pedersen

Middle School Citizen Science Climate Change Earth & Space Science NGSS Technology

Journal Article

Where Are the Volcanoes?

By Kimberly Kirstein and David Owens

Middle School Earth & Space Science Phenomena

Journal Article


By Amy Gilbert

Physical Science

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