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Journal of College Science Teaching—July/August 2023


Volume 52, Number 6

Journal Article

How I Inadvertently Misled Some Students

Clear key results and simple figures have clear advantages when teaching. However, these same properties can mislead some students. I provide examples...

By Mark Milanick

Postsecondary Pedagogy Teacher Preparation Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Capturing Student and Instructor Experiences, Perceptions, and Reflections on Remote Learning and Teaching in Introductory Chemistry Courses During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic forced instructors to suddenly pivot from in-person to remote teaching and students to rapidly adapt their learning strategies. ...

By Pouya Bahrami, Denice Blanco, Hannah Thetford, Li Ye, and Julia Y. K. Chan

Chemistry Distance Learning Pedagogy Teacher Preparation Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Exploring Peer Learning Assistants’ Impact on Student Performance and Perceptions in an Undergraduate Biology Course

To transition introductory college science courses from large, passive lectures to more student-centered learning environments, additional instruction...

By Brittney A. Ferrari, Jonathan A. Dees, Norris A. Armstrong, and Julie M. Kittleson

Postsecondary Biology Pedagogy Preservice Science Education Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Big Books Have a Big Impact on Elementary Science Education

Preservice elementary teachers are faced with the daunting task of learning enough about every subject to support their students’ development of fou...

By Rachel Hallett-Njuguna

Postsecondary Literacy Teacher Preparation Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Improving Writing Skills Through Scripting a Science Podcast for Non-Expert Audiences

In this article, we describe and analyze the experience of undergraduate chemistry students who scripted episodes of a science podcast for non-expert ...

By Carolina Sotério and Salete Linhares Queiroz

Chemistry Interdisciplinary Literacy New Science Teachers Teaching Strategies Technology

Journal Article

Determination of the Helpfulness of Physics Exam Study Methods

This study investigates the relationship between study methods and exam performance in introductory physics courses. Data were collected over 3 years ...

By David Waters and Rahul Jilakara

Physics Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Nonmajor Students’ Use of Reflection to Enhance Biology Understanding and Relevance

Although most students in nonmajor biology courses will not enter careers in science, they will need a working understanding of biology and how it rel...

By Nicole J. Thomas, Tina Vo, and Jaime Sabel

Biology Pedagogy Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Research Project-Based Learning in Meteorology Using an Online Severe Weather Events Archive

This article presents a semester-long, interdisciplinary project-based learning (PBL) suitable for secondary and postsecondary students enrolled in a ...

By Joby Hilliker and Shannon Hilliker

Earth & Space Science Research STEM

Journal Article

Biology Students’ Views of Science Communication

Educational efforts to promote effective oral science communication at the undergraduate level tend to reinforce strategies related to impression mana...

By Alandeom W. Oliveira, Adam O. Brown, Marissa Carroll, Elizabeth Blenkarn, Bradley Austin, and Tiffany Bretzlaff

Biology Literacy Pedagogy Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Perceptions of Teaching and Learning of STEM Revealed in University Academics’ Drawings

As part of a larger study investigating the perceptions of university academics about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM); STEM l...

By Vesife Hatisaru, Andrew Seen, and Sharon Fraser

Postsecondary STEM Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

An Undergraduate Independent Study Project

A lateral flow assay was designed and optimized as an independent study project that aimed to develop an assay for the qualitative detection of tropon...

By Ellie Schilling, Joy Sandman, Rida Sait, April Stich, Kwaku Baryeh, and Gifty Blankson

Postsecondary Biology Chemistry Interdisciplinary STEM Teaching Strategies Technology

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