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Journal of College Science Teaching—November/December 2019

In this issue of the Journal of College Science Teaching, learn about how a large southeastern university developed specialized science training for elementary preservice teachers. Discover how a course for first-year science majors encourages STEM persistence through an innovative field trip. And read about the successes and challenges of a campus-wide professional development program.

Journal Article

The Priceless Gift

By Lester Paldy

Postsecondary Careers STEM

Journal Article

Building Engagement in STEM Through Career Courses at Two-Year Institutions

Community colleges enroll almost half of U.S. undergraduates and were predicted to produce 12% of the workforce for STEM professions in 2018. Half of ...

By Jamie Pawloski and Patrick Shabram

Careers STEM

Journal Article

Developing the Next Generation of Elementary Science Teachers

National science education documents emphasize new learning outcomes of elementary students; therefore, the preparation of elementary teachers should ...

By Tammy D. Lee and Bonnie Glass

Postsecondary Pre-service Teachers New Science Teachers Pedagogy Preservice Science Education Teacher Preparation

Journal Article

Promoting STEM Persistence Through an Innovative Field Trip–Based First-Year Experience Course

At our small liberal arts college, we recently introduced a field trip–based course as a requirement for all first-year science majors. This course,...

By Emma Kamen and Alessandra Leri

Curriculum New Science Teachers STEM Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Who Gets Helped?

Although peer interaction in the college classroom may benefit some students by developing peer networks for future collaborations, prior research has...

By Michael Brown and Robert M. DeMonbrun

Physics Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Integrating Engineering Design in Undergraduate Biology Using a Life Science Design Task

This study examines the initial integration of engineering design in an introductory preservice elementary biology content course using a life science...

By Jeffrey D. Radloff, Selcen Guzey, David Eichinger and Brenda M. Capobianco

Biology Engineering Life Science NGSS Three-Dimensional Learning

Journal Article

An Exam Wrapper Intervention in Organic Chemistry I

This article describes a quasi-experimental study conducted in two Organic Chemistry I classrooms at a diverse, urban, public university. The treatmen...

By Edith Rosales, Alla Chavarga, Evan Grandoit, Shoshana Mayer, Natasha Hackman, Milushka Elbulok-Charcape, Alison C. Domzalski and Gail Horowitz


Journal Article

The Efficacy of Flipped Laboratory Multiperspective Videos in Skill Acquisition

In recent years, video-based lectures have been increasingly used in education as part of flipped classroom approaches, adult education, distance lear...

By Kevin W. Davies


Journal Article

Developing and Implementing a Campus-Wide Professional Development Program: Successes and Challenges

Gateways-ND is a 5-year, National Science Foundation–funded effort directed toward three goals: maximizing the instructional effectiveness of postse...

By Melissa Vosen Callens, Paul Kelter, Jill Motschenbacher, James Nyachwaya, Jared L. Ladbury and Anna M. Semanko

Postsecondary Curriculum Professional Learning old STEM Teaching Strategies

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