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Journal of College Science Teaching—March/April 2021

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Volume 50, Number 4
In this issue, we start with an editorial from our Advisory Board on the importance of STEM fields as a conduit of education and the public’s view on the current pandemic. In our Features Section the authors of the first article highlight how a small change in pedagogy can enhance students understanding and appreciation of data modeling, in the second, an important link is discovered between undergraduate research in a STEM Living-learning program and long-term academic success, and in the third, some needed strategies in these pandemic virtual teaching times to help foster a community in an online environment. Under Research & Teaching we have a great example of how to construct a rubric to “assess students’ data skills or measure gains over time within written or task-based assessments.” The next article is tangentially related to the features article on STEM Living-learning program where the authors investigate the impact of undergraduate research experiences in a biology class on student self-efficacy and future goals. The next article describes a plan of action for a physics class and a department to implement and embrace an active-learning pedagogical culture. In our last article, the authors share an innovative link-course model to improve their students’ ability to compose original scientific literature.  
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Journal Article

STEM Education as a Vital Preventive Response to a Pandemic

By Katherine Baker, Emily Faulconer, Oliver Grundmann, Sarah Haines, Tyra Hall-Pogar, Lisa Kenyon, Susan Meabh Kelly, Peter Lindeman, Brian Schmaefsky, Candace Timpte, and David Wojnowski

Curriculum STEM

Journal Article

Small Instructional Changes to Emphasize Data Modeling Practices

Data modeling practices are often invisible to students in introductory biology courses. However, developing a well-rounded understanding of these pra...

By Joshua W. Reid, Candice M. Quinn, Zhigang Jia, Ryan Jones, and Anna Grinath

Literacy Teaching Strategies Technology

Journal Article

First-Year STEM Research Program Facilitates Long-Term Academic Success

Retention and student success in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) remains a priority for institutions, and low rates of retent...

By Kimberly R. Schneider, Uday Nair, Rachel Straney, Patrice Lancey, and Mary Tripp

Research STEM Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Responsive Teaching in Online Learning Environments

Online teaching and learning have become widespread in higher education over the past two decades, and accelerated during the pandemic. Although onlin...

By Young Ae Kim, Lisa Rezende, Elizabeth Eadie, Jacqueline Maximillian, Katelyn Southard, Lisa Elfring, Paul Blowers, and Vicente Talanquer

Postsecondary Curriculum Teacher Preparation Teaching Strategies Technology

Journal Article

Measuring Data Skills in Undergraduate Student Work

Data literacy, or students’ abilities to understand, interpret, and think critically about data, is an increasing need in K–16 science education. ...

By Jessica Sickler, Erin Bardar, and Randy Kochevar

Postsecondary Teacher Preparation Teaching Strategies Technology

Journal Article

Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences Spanning Two Semesters of Biology Impact Student Self-Efficacy but not Future Goals

Course-based undergraduate research is promoted as an equitable strategy for providing the benefits of research experiences to a larger, more diverse ...

By Allison Martin, Adam Rechs, Thomas Landerholm, and Kelly McDonald

Postsecondary Biology Research Teacher Preparation Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Students Taught by a First-Time Instructor Using Active-Learning Teaching Strategies Outperform Students Taught by a Highly-Regarded Traditional Instructor

In this paper we put forth a model for physics course reform that uniquely uses proven, research-based active-learning strategies to help students imp...

By Colin S. Wallace, Edward E. Prather, John A. Milsom, Ken Johns, and Srin Manne

Postsecondary Assessment Curriculum Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Use of a Linked-Course Model to Teach Scientific Writing to First-Year Undergraduates

The ability to read and compose original scientific literature is critical to educating informed citizens, yet may be severely lacking in undergraduat...

By Evan Lampert and J. Stephen Pearson

Postsecondary General Science Literacy Teacher Preparation Teaching Strategies

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