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Journal of College Science Teaching—May/June 2021

Call for Papers

Special Issue on Remote Learning Strategies Employed During the Pandemic

JCST is preparing a special issue dedicated to online science teaching. Possible topics include:

  • research comparing Face-to Face with Online Learning
  • research comparing Virtual Platforms
  • research on the efficacy of online teaching & learning 
  • online teaching strategies in a virtual world that include student outcomes
  • Post-secondary instructors' challenges and successes

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Deadline for submissions is 
July 1, 2021.

Volume 50, Number 5

In this issue of JCST, feature articles include an explanation of use and academic impact of a new software program for calculating beam support parameters in an engineering course, and an interesting comparison of graduate student instructors and near-peer instructors in an Undergraduate Teacher-Scholar Program’s general science and chemistry courses. Our Research & Teaching section offers articles ranging from first-year undergraduate experience in physics to undergraduate experiences in biology: peer led team learning; misconceptions about evolutionary theory; student conceptions of DNA; and online instruction’s effect in health field pre-requisite Anatomy and Physiology courses. Also featured is a POV that advocates taking an online course to improve your own teaching online. 

Journal Article

Best Professional Development for Online Faculty? Take an Online Course

Numerous professional development programs exist to equip science faculty with the skills and knowledge to effectively teach online. An effective way ...

By Cheston Saunders

Postsecondary Professional Learning old

Journal Article

Beam Analysis in Statics Courses Using ReshmoBeam

This article describes the use and advantages of the MATLAB-based program ReshmoBeam, developed to perform beam analysis, as it is done in statics cou...

By Joel Hernandez, Rafael Niyazov, and Kibrewossen Tesfagiorgis

Postsecondary Computer Science Mathematics

Journal Article

The Undergraduate Teacher-Scholar Program

Peer learning programs have been developed to support many introductory science courses by providing additional instruction and engagement. These prog...

By Sara M. Bourne, Sean Limfat, Sneha Dilip, Seoyoung Han, MaryAnn T. Robak, Peter Marsden, and Anne M. Baranger

Postsecondary Preservice Science Education Teacher Preparation Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Symbols in Physics

Symbols are a cornerstone of the written language of physics and mathematics but inconsistencies in their use pose a challenge to students. This artic...

By Meredith Begg and Robyn Pierce

Postsecondary Literacy Physics Teacher Preparation Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Peer-Led Team Learning as Educational Tool for First-Year Biology Students

This article reports the findings of the Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) model intervention study in an introductory biology course at a Puerto Rican pr...

By Lillian Arvelo-Márquez, Ana T. Méndez-Merced, José Monterrubio-Álvarez, Karlo Malavé-Llamas, Lilliam Lizardi-O’Neill, Ezequiel De J. Bayuelo-Flórez, and José Soto-Sonera

Postsecondary Biology New Science Teachers Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

The Effect of Online Instruction in an Introductory Anatomy and Physiology Course and Implications for Online Laboratory Instruction in Health Field Prerequisites

Education in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) is increasingly online, even the laboratory components of STEM courses. As online labor...

By Patrick Brown and Jonathan Peterson

Postsecondary Biology Labs Technology

Journal Article

Starting at the Beginning

This study examines what prior knowledge and misconceptions about evolutionary theory students bring with them into an introductory biological anthrop...

By Kathryn King

Assessment Evolution Teacher Preparation Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Undergraduate Student Conceptions of DNA and Their Understanding of Basic Science

An understanding of basic science is central to student success at the university level, even for students who will never work in scientific fields. O...

By Megan Nieberding, Sanlyn Buxner, Lisa Elfring, and Christopher Impey

Postsecondary Biology Life Science Preservice Science Education Teacher Preparation Teaching Strategies

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