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Journal of College Science Teaching—January/February 2023

coverJanuary/February 2023
Volume 52, Number 3
This issue of JCST offers a study that investigated how stress related to the COVID-19 disruption of the spring 2020 semester affected TAs’ self-efficacy. The results of the study are discussed in relation to PD programs providing experiences with multiple teaching modalities, strategies for time management, and mental health resources. It also features a look at how preservice elementary teachers learn about the nature of science and develop scientific literacy through a collaborative project that prepares them to design meaningful learning experiences for students. This issue's Case Study looks at conversation analysis to examine recorded interactions between an early-career postdoctoral mentor and a first-year undergraduate research student within the context of “mentoring by questioning” in a biochemistry research group.


Journal Article

The Role of Question-Asking in Mentoring Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research is a high-impact educational practice for which effective mentoring has been identified as a key factor in determining its su...

By Sara L. Johnson and George M. Bodner

Inquiry Preservice Science Education Research Teacher Preparation

Journal Article

Teaching Assistant Responses to COVID-19

Undergraduate and graduate teaching assistants (TAs) are tasked with instructing undergraduate courses with little to no professional development (P...

By Cody Smith, Deepika Menon, Annette Wierzbicki, and Jenny Dauer

Administration New Science Teachers Pedagogy Professional Learning STEM

Journal Article

Using a Game to Teach Invasive Species Spread and Management

Invasive species are a major ecological and economic problem at the global scale, and education plays a major role in raising awareness and combatin...

By Joshua Lord

Biology Instructional Materials Interdisciplinary Life Science Professional Learning

Journal Article

Preservice Teachers’ Meaningful Science Learning

This article describes how preservice elementary teachers learn about the nature of science and develop scientific literacy through a collaborative ...

By Lizzette M. Velázquez Rivera and Isaris R. Quiñones Pérez

Environmental Science Inquiry Literacy Preservice Science Education Teacher Preparation

Journal Article

The Tachyon Nexus

This article describes a website called The Tachyon Nexus (no relation to Tachyon Nexus Inc.), which includes reliable information about the controv...

By Robert Ehrlich

Interdisciplinary Physics

Journal Article

Newspaper Physics for First-Year College Students

This article describes and illustrates a physics course for first-year college students whose only knowledge of physics is that they do not like the...

By E. J. Bahng, John Hauptman, and Jennifer Lowery

Literacy News Physics Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Assessment of Demographic Biases Associated With the Ground Rules System in a Large Undergraduate Engineering Course

Despite more women and underrepresented students entering engineering, there are still gaps in achievement. A potential remedy is to establish equit...

By Christine King, Kameryn Denaro, and Brian Sato

Advocacy Engineering Equity Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

How Do Students Interact With the Primary Scientific Literature in an Undergraduate Science Program?

The ability to read, understand, and interpret primary scientific literature is an essential skill for undergraduate students in science. This study...

By Yi Hou, Heather Verkade, Jan van Driel

Pre-service Teachers Biology Literacy Preservice Science Education Teacher Preparation

Journal Article

Beyond “See Figure 1”

Visual elements such as graphs, tables, and diagrams are essential components of scientific writing. Although scientific writing textbooks and guide...

By Cary Moskovitz

Postsecondary Literacy Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

A Mixed-Methods Analysis of Perspectives Toward Learning Assistant–Faculty Relationships

Learning Assistant (LA) programs oversee and support undergraduate instructors and faculty members who work together to facilitate student learning ...

By Cameron J. Hill, Anthony P. Barrasso, and Kathryn E. Spilios

Teacher Preparation Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Advice to Future Participants From Six Cohorts of an Undergraduate Summer Research Program in Atmospheric Science

Many undergraduates use research internships to gain experience for graduate school. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) progra...

By Adam T. Murry, Nan Yuan, and Dean Atkinson

Research STEM Teaching Strategies Technology

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