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The Science Teacher—November/December 2019

Volume 87, Number 4

Learning on Personal Devices

Tablets, cell phones, and other handheld devices have become increasingly popular tools to help students learn. In this issue we examine innovative ways teachers have incorporated handheld devices into lessons about climate change, wetlands, molecular motion, and bird populations. We also learn that handheld devices have actually been around since the 18th century!

Journal Article

How Can We Motivate Our Science Students?

Notes from the field editor ...

By Ann Haley Mackenzie

High School Teacher Preparation Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Using Models to Teach Science

By Byung-Yeol Park, Laura Rodriguez, and Todd Campbell

High School Environmental Science NGSS Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Arguing About a Chemical Change

Use a sample ACT writing prompt in an explore-before-explain instructional sequence to a 9th-grade physical science class to promote student learning ...

By Patrick Brown

High School Chemistry Literacy NGSS Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

A Lesson in Geospatial Inquiry

By Eric Nolan, Brooke A. Whitworth, and Lori Rubino-Hare

High School Inquiry Interdisciplinary Technology

Journal Article

Why Wetlands Matter

By Megan H. Reed, Tom Jenkins, and Lisa Kenyon

High School Biology Environmental Science

Journal Article

Evidence of Molecular Motion

By Arthur L. Odom and Clare V. Bell

High School Physics Technology

Journal Article

Information at Your Fingertips

18th-century mobile devices! ...

By Stephen Wesson

High School Literacy Technology

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