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The Science Teacher—January/February 2023


Special Issue on Immunology

Guest Editors: Colby Tofel-Grehl and Brooke A. Whitworth

The COVID-19 pandemic laid bare the absence of resources for teachers to engage students in learning about infectious disease as both a socio-scientific issue and a scientific phenomenon. With infectious disease largely absent from the NGSS, teachers had to creatively link lessons that contextualize and examine key aspects of infectious disease education. We saw in real time the impacts of popular news, social media, and public mood on broader socioscientific behaviors such as vaccination, masking, and social distancing. This special issue features 10 articles that share current teaching strategies and tools for teaching about epidemics and viruses, all framed within the Straif-Bourgeois, Ratard, and Kretzschmar framework for infectious disease, which delineates three dimensions of epidemiology.

Journal Article

Introduction to the Special Issue on Immunology

By Colby Tofel-Grehl and Brooke A. Whitworth

High School Biology Life Science

Journal Article

The Science of COVID-19

By Matthew Johnson, Tiffany Lewis, Kit Martin, Amber Cesare, Anthony Schmitt, Eugene Lengerich, Kristin Bittner, and Chris Divyak

High School Biology Curriculum Instructional Materials Life Science NGSS Pedagogy Science and Engineering Practices

Journal Article

We Are Living It

By Lindsey Mohan, Wayne Wright, Katie Van Horne, Joy Barnes-Johnson, Holly Hereau, Arash Jamshidi, Rebecca G. Kaplan, Audrey Mohan, Dawn Novak, Michael Novak, Allysa Orwig, Ty Scaletta, Nicole Vick, and Daniel C. Voss

Biology Curriculum Equity Instructional Materials Interdisciplinary Life Science NGSS Phenomena Three-Dimensional Learning

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