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The Science Teacher—January 2020


Volume 87, Number 5

Fake news. Pseudoscience. Bad Science. Never before has so much information, both good and bad, been available to us. If our students graduate knowing the steps of the Krebs cycle but cannot read and interpret scientific reports and social media posts, then we have failed.



Journal Article

Scientific Media Literacy

By Ann Haley MacKenzie

High School Literacy

Journal Article

Picture This

By Carrie Weber

High School Literacy Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Just Say No!

By Andrew Zucker, Pendred Noyce, and Andrew McCullough

High School Literacy News Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Getting Messy with Data

By Joshua Rosenberg, Alex Edwards, and Bodong Chen

High School Literacy

Journal Article

Investigating Land Ethics

By Jaron Boerner-Mercier and Ron Gray

Middle School Earth & Space Science Literacy

Journal Article

How Does Climate Change Affect Oyster Populations?

By Jane Wolfson, Mary Stapleton, and Asli Sezen-Barrie

High School

Journal Article

Technology Executive Annie Chang

By Luba Vangelova

High School Careers

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