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The Science Teacher—October 2019

Teaching the periodic table is a central part of chemistry, whether it involves memorizing the symbols of the elements, learning about the properties of the families, or understanding its general organization. This year, The International Year of the Periodic Table, marks its 150th anniversary, and represents a good opportunity to highlight its history.

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Encouraging student voices in the science classroom

Notes from the field editor ...

By Ann Haley Mackenzie

High School Equity Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

The Photoelectric Effect

By Paul G. Hewitt

High School Physics

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By Chris Anderson

Environmental Science

Journal Article

Bringing Clarity to Science Instruction

By John Almarode, Douglas Fischer, and Nancy Frey

High School Literacy Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

The Trouble with Tavy

By Kristen Conklin and Tyler St. Clair

High School Earth & Space Science Life Science

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Test Blueprints in the Science Classroom

Sitting in a fall staff meeting, you lean over to tell a science teacher colleague you have settled in for the school year. You have learned your stud...

By Kurtz Miller, Terri Caprio, Tonie Smarr, Kathleen Guest Bledsoe, and Katie Pettinichi

High School Assessment Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Design engineer Greg Luterman

Interviews with professionals using science in the workplace. ...

By Luba Vangelova

Careers Engineering

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United States statistical atlases

Exploring science and history with the Library of Congress ...

By Michael Apfeldorf

Instructional Materials Literacy

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