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The Science Teacher—July/August 2021


July/August 2021
Volume 88, Number 6
In this issue, we focus on the strategies and techniques science teachers developed throughout the pandemic. The ingenious nature of some of these science educators knows no bounds, as you will see within the articles. Whether through creative uses of cell phone technology, makeshift lab equipment, or the use of virtual laboratory and virtual field trip events, our students were able to experience science in new and powerful ways.
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Journal Article

COVID-19: One Year Later

By Ann Haley MacKenzie

High School Literacy STEM Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Media Literacy in the Age of COVID and Climate Change

By Jocelyn Miller, Linda Rost, Connor Bryant, Robyn Embry, Shazia Iqbal, Claire Lannoye-Hall, and Missie Olson

High School Biology Distance Learning Literacy Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Collaboration Crushes Competition!

By Lucinda Hemmick, Dame Forbes, Robert Bolen, Mary Kroll, Dianna Gobler, John Halloran, Vivian Stojanoff, and Aleida Perez

High School Chemistry Physics Science and Engineering Practices STEM

Journal Article

Virtual Field Trips

By Heather McPherson, Gregory Frank, Rebecca Pearce, and Ernest Hoffman

High School Engineering Interdisciplinary STEM Teaching Strategies Technology

Journal Article

The Potency of Evidence

By Claudette Tebeck

High School 5E Equity Inquiry Research

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