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The Science Teacher—September 2019

Our legacy as science teachers revolves around the memories we make with our students. Make memories. Leave a legacy.

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What Will Be Your Legacy as a Science Teacher?

Notes from the field editor ...

By Ann Haley Mackenzie

High School Teacher Preparation Teaching Strategies

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The historically important equations of Newton, Ohm, and Planck

Building an understanding of physical principles ...

By Paul G. Hewitt

Physical Science Physics

Journal Article

Hurricane Season

Science and current events ...

By Chris Anderson

Climate Change Earth & Space Science Instructional Materials News

Journal Article

Crosscutting Concepts as Productive Ways of Thinking

Tips and techniques for creative teaching ...

By Vicente Talanquer

High School Crosscutting Concepts NGSS Pedagogy

Journal Article

An Interview With Cognitive Scientist Lindsay Portnoy

Cognitive scientists study how people learn. This type of knowledge can be applied in a diverse array of fields, ranging from advertising to journalis...

By Luba Vangelova

High School Careers Interdisciplinary

Journal Article

Julie Olson, Mitchell, South Dakota

An Interview with Julie Olson, Mitchell, South Dakota ...

Careers Teacher Preparation Teaching Strategies

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Exploring Cell Biology Through a Silent Teaching Film From 1929

Exploring science and history with the Library of Congress ...


High School Biology Instructional Materials

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