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The Science Teacher—Fall 2023

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Fall 2023

Special Double Issue—Eclipses Across America

Journal Article

Preparing for the Great American Eclipse of 2024

The Great American Eclipse of 2017 path of totality passed across the United States on Monday August 21, 2017, from Madras, Oregon to Columbia, South ...

By Kurtz Miller

High School Astronomy Earth & Space Science

Journal Article

Scientific Literacy: Lives could depend on it!

Carl Sagan famously said “We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science ...

By Charlotte Moser

High School Advocacy Literacy Pedagogy

Journal Article

Pathways to Science Literacy

Science concepts connect us to the wonders of the natural universe. Why is the sky blue? [Air molecules behave much like tiny little tuning forks.] Is...

By John Suchocki

High School Equity Inquiry Literacy Pedagogy

Journal Article

Teaching Students to Read Equations

The laws of nature are expressed in equation form in all physics courses. How these laws are taught can vary widely. In this article, I expand on prev...

By Paul G. Hewitt

High School Literacy Phenomena Physics

Journal Article

Promoting Learning for All Through Explore-Before-Explain

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) highlight the importance of creating more equitable learning environments and engaging all students in sc...

By Patrick Brown, Jay McTighe, and Rodger Bybee

High School Equity Inclusion Literacy NGSS

Journal Article

Translanguaging as an Essential Practice in Socially Just Science Classrooms

In this interaction, Manuel and Rico (all names are pseudonyms) expertly mix Spanish and English to communicate as they collect data in a ninth grade ...

By Sarah Braden and Taylor Dexter

Equity Inclusion Interdisciplinary Literacy Multicultural Multilingual Learners

Journal Article

The 2023 and 2024 Solar Eclipse Double-Header

North America will experience a solar eclipse “double-header” this fall. While 500 million people will see two partial eclipses (when the Moon cov...

By Dennis Schatz and Andrew Fraknoi

Astronomy Earth & Space Science Instructional Materials

Journal Article

Making the Most of the Upcoming Solar Eclipse Double-Header

Eclipses of the Sun, where the Moon gets in front of the Sun and blocks its light, are among the most spectacular of natural events. The total eclipse...

By Andrew Fraknoi and Dennis Schatz

Astronomy Earth & Space Science Instructional Materials

Journal Article

Sounds in Sunlight

Solar eclipses are excellent platforms for engaging students with astronomy and for teaching concepts like the Sun-Earth-Moon relationship through rar...

By Sóley Hyman, Wilson González-Espada, Allyson Bieryla, and Wanda Díaz-Merced

Astronomy Disabilities Earth & Space Science Inclusion Technology

Journal Article

On Teaching Electricity Through History

Electricity is a fascinating phenomenon and one of the most important driving forces in the natural world, and our understanding of it all began with ...

By Christine Guy Schnittka

Engineering Interdisciplinary Physical Science Technology

Journal Article

The Use of Storytelling to Model NGSS Science and Engineering Practices

An important strand of three-dimensional learning in the Next Generation Science Standards is science and engineering practices (SEPs; NGSS Lead State...

By Adrienne Larocque and Anna Babarinde

High School Interdisciplinary Literacy NGSS Science and Engineering Practices Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Performance Assessment as Part of Efficient, Effective, and Equitable Instructional Practice

Since the release of the NGSS, science classrooms across the United States have shifted science learning away from a focus on decontextualized facts a...

By Lauren Stoll and Jill Wertheim

High School Assessment Equity NGSS Three-Dimensional Learning

Journal Article

Bringing the Outside In

Classroom communities are more than just teachers and students. Administrators, other teachers and students, teacher aides, all school staff, families...

By Jonathan McCausland and Kathryn M. Bateman

High School Inclusion Instructional Materials STEM Teaching Strategies Technology Three-Dimensional Learning

Journal Article

Stealing the Sun

For as long as people have had stories to tell, folklore and tall tales have been a part of social gatherings. Storytelling helps us convey our histor...

By Kimberly Ideus and Miles Engell

High School Biology Interdisciplinary Life Science Literacy Multicultural

Journal Article

Rooftop Garden Ecosystem

As long as there have been roofs overhead, there have been gardens above them. Since the Ziggurats and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, man has cultiva...

By Andrew Jones, Joel Hockin,and Max Longhurst

High School Biology Environmental Science Life Science Teaching Strategies Technology

Journal Article

Making Sense of the Deepwater Oil Spill Disaster

Authenticity in learning is becoming increasingly important as today’s students are not “buying into” school just because it’s there! Today’...

By Joy Barnes-Johnson and Mridula Bajaj

High School Climate Science Earth & Space Science Environmental Science News Pedagogy

Journal Article

Science Journaling with Technology

Students in today’s classrooms spend a lot of time using technology by listening to music, texting, watching videos, and using social media applicat...

By Brigitte Whaley and Ashley Campbell

High School Inclusion Instructional Materials STEM Teaching Strategies Technology

Journal Article

Career of the Month: Acoustician

Acoustics involves all aspects of sound, noise, vibration, and perception. It’s a large field that encompasses specialties such as architecture, und...

By Luba Vangelova

High School Careers Physical Science Physics Technology

Journal Article

Does Drinking Milk Cause Strong Bones?

In 1935, individuals living in the United States began to encounter eye-catching posters communicating a variety of public program messages from the W...

By Jacqueline Katz

High School Inquiry Instructional Materials Life Science Literacy

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