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Promoting Learning for All Through Explore-Before-Explain

The Science Teacher—Fall 2023 (Volume 90, Issue 7)

By Patrick Brown, Jay McTighe, and Rodger Bybee

Promoting Learning for All Through Explore-Before-Explain

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) highlight the importance of creating more equitable learning environments and engaging all students in science (NGSS Lead States 2013). In professional learning, we target the hands-on, minds-on experiences teachers already use with students as the starting point of rethinking instructional design. Next, we focus on the evidence-based claims students can make from hands-on, minds-on experiences. With this key focus, teachers can develop pre-assessments that elicit students’ ideas and experiences and lead to evidence-based experiences. Similarly, students’ evidence-based experiences help teachers focus on essential need-to-know information presented through discussions, readings, and further elaborations (see Figure 1). Teachers appreciate the process because it helps them prioritize the most salient aspects of curriculum design to ensure we promote more equitable, robust, and memorable experiences for all students.

Equity Inclusion Literacy NGSS High School

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