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Stealing the Sun

Folklore and Art Meet Ecology and Evolution in an AP Biology class

The Science Teacher—Fall 2023 (Volume 90, Issue 7)

By Kimberly Ideus and Miles Engell

Stealing the Sun

For as long as people have had stories to tell, folklore and tall tales have been a part of social gatherings. Storytelling helps us convey our history and learn our languages (Bowman and Carpenter 2004; Mzimela 2016). In addition, many of these tales have embedded within them valuable lessons relating to right and wrong, integrity, sharing, and other character-building themes. They often use figurative language like hyperbole, metaphors, and similes. English and history courses often include units on mythology in which students may learn Greek myths such as Icarus flying too close to the Sun, or African folklore, such as the spider Anansi learning lessons the hard way.

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