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The Science Teacher—September/October 2020

Volume 88, Number 1

Evaluating Scientific Claims

Journal Article

An Invitation to the New School Year

By Ann Haley Mackenzie

High School Advocacy

Journal Article

STEM Laboratory Safety on a Shoestring

By Emily K. Faulconer

High School Safety

Journal Article

Safety Recommendations for Opening the New School Year

By Dr. Ken R. Roy and Dr. Kevin S. Doyle


Journal Article

A Layered Approach to Scientific Models

By Kelsie Fowler, Mark Windschitl, and Claus Auning

High School Instructional Materials Pedagogy

Journal Article

Using Pop Culture to Teach Genetics

By Uchenna Emenaha

High School Biology

Journal Article

Is Vaping Harmful?

By Amanda Peel, Jordan Rockett, Patricia Friedrichsen, Laura Zangori, Clayton Elmy, and Brandon Wagner

Biology Interdisciplinary Literacy

Journal Article

Using Climate Models to Learn About Global Climate Change

By Devarati Bhattacharya, Kimberly Carroll Steward, Mark Chandler, and Cory Forbes

High School Climate Change Earth & Space Science Environmental Science

Journal Article

Evolutionary Relationships Argument

By Miguel Hernando and Jaekeun Jung

High School Biology Evolution Life Science

Journal Article

Online science educator Julia Brodsky

By Luba Vangelova

Astronomy Careers STEM

Journal Article

The New Normal

By Chris Anderson

High School Advocacy Teacher Preparation

Journal Article

A Bump on the Head

By Michael Apfeldorf

High School Biology Lesson Plans Life Science

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