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2021 NSTA Award Winners

Angela Award

Honors a female student in grades 5–8 with a strong connection to science

Corteva Agriscience Excellence in Agricultural Science Education Award

Recognize excellence and innovation in the field of agricultural science education


A web-based science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) program—sponsored by the U.S. Army that encourages students in grades six through nine to develop solutions to real-world problems in their local communities.

Maitland P. Simmons Memorial Award for New Teachers

Provides teachers in their first five years of teaching with funds to attend the annual National Conference on Science Education

Northrop Grumman Foundation Excellence in Engineering Education Award

Recognizes excellence in the field of engineering education

Presidential Citation

Given by the President to honor a person or organization that has significantly promoted science education through extraordinary contributions.

Robert E. Yager Exemplary Teaching Award

Recognizes teachers who successfully use innovation and excellence in their classroom

Ron Mardigian Bio-Rad

Recognizes an outstanding high school teacher who has made biotechnology learning accessible to the classroom.

SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment Outstanding Environmental Educator of the Year

Recognizes the outstanding efforts of students, teachers, and community leaders to protect and preserve the environment

Sylvia Shugrue Award for Elementary School Teachers

Honors an elementary school teacher who has established an interdisciplinary, inquiry-based lesson plan

Vernier Technology Awards

Award recognizes the innovative use, or potential use, of data-collection

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