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NSTA Press Book

Be a Winner! A Science Teacher’s Guide to Writing Successful Grant Proposals

Be a Winner! is your chance to learn from veteran science teachers about the secrets to successful grant writing. Formatted as a handy workbook, this ...


NSTA Press Book

Science Fair Warm-Up, Teachers Guide: Learning the Practice of Scientists

Even science fair enthusiasts may dread grappling with these two questions: 1. How can you organize many students doing many different projects at t...


NSTA Press Book

The NSTA Ready-Reference Guide to Safer Science, Volume 2

“Most science teachers and supervisors have anemic preservice preparation on securing and maintaining safer work environments in academic laboratori...


NSTA Press Book

Integrating Engineering and Science in Your Classroom

“I still remember my very first day as a teacher. A few days earlier, my principal had given me advice: ‘Whatever you do, do not start with an ove...


NSTA Press Book

Rise and Shine: A Practical Guide for the Beginning Science Teacher

Rise and Shine provides a friendly support system that new science teachers can turn to in their first days, months, and even years in the classroom. ...


NSTA Press Book

Connecting With Nature: A Naturalist's Perspective

One of my earliest memories is of a warm day, a field with many grasshoppers, a shallow creek with cold water, and the joy of a day in the hills with ...


NSTA Press Book

Learning and Teaching Scientific Inquiry: Research and Applications

Science teacher educators, curriculum specialists, professional development facilitators, and K–8 teachers are bound to increase their understanding...


NSTA Press Book

Models-Based Science Teaching

Humans perceive the world by constructing mental models—telling a story, interpreting a map, reading a book. Every way we interact with the world in...


NSTA Press Book

Hard-to-Teach Science Concepts: A Framework to Support Learners, Grades 3–5

Authors Susan Koba and Carol Mitchell introduce teachers of grades 3–5 to their conceptual framework for successful instruction of hard-to-teach sci...


NSTA Press Book

Team Teaching Science: Success for All Learners

In Team Teaching Science, Ed Linz, Mary Jane Heater, and Lori A. Howard demonstrate the truth in the old adage “Two heads are better than one.” T...


NSTA Press Book

Even More Brain-Powered Science: Teaching and Learning With Discrepant Events

• How can water and a penny demonstrate the power of mathematics and molecular theory? • Do spelling and punctuation really matter to the human ...


NSTA Press Book

Brain-Powered Science: Teaching and Learning With Discrepant Events

• How can a long metal needle pass through a balloon without popping it? • How can water flow at very different rates through two identical fun...

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