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NSTA Press Book

Models and Approaches to STEM Professional Development

The arrival of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) makes it the ideal time to kick-start your professional development program, and this ambi...


NSTA Press Book

The New Science Teacher's Handbook: What You Didn't Learn From Student Teaching

“One of the first activities I ask new science teachers to do in my methods course is to think of a memorable science activity from their past. Whet...


NSTA Press Book

Integrating Engineering and Science in Your Classroom

“I still remember my very first day as a teacher. A few days earlier, my principal had given me advice: ‘Whatever you do, do not start with an ove...


NSTA Press Book

Rise and Shine: A Practical Guide for the Beginning Science Teacher

Rise and Shine provides a friendly support system that new science teachers can turn to in their first days, months, and even years in the classroom. ...


NSTA Press Book

Learning and Teaching Scientific Inquiry: Research and Applications

Science teacher educators, curriculum specialists, professional development facilitators, and K–8 teachers are bound to increase their understanding...


NSTA Press Book

Models-Based Science Teaching

Humans perceive the world by constructing mental models—telling a story, interpreting a map, reading a book. Every way we interact with the world in...


NSTA Press Book

Companion Classroom Activities for Stop Faking It! Force and Motion

Never has it been so easy for educators to learn to teach physical science with confidence. Award-winning author Bill Robertson launched his bestselli...


NSTA Press Book

Brain-Powered Science: Teaching and Learning With Discrepant Events

• How can a long metal needle pass through a balloon without popping it? • How can water flow at very different rates through two identical fun...


NSTA Press Book

Outdoor Science: A Practical Guide

Research shows that environment-centered education improves student achievement. Whatever your school’s setting—urban, suburban, or rural—you ca...


NSTA Press Book

Inside-Out: Environmental Science in the Classroom and the Field, Grades 3–8

Teachers seeking new ways to integrate Earth science, chemistry, physical geography, and life science into a study of the environment should just step...


NSTA Press Book

Teaching With Purpose: Closing the Research - Practice Gap

The best science teachers don’t just get up in front of the class and start talking. They draw from a plan… a rationale… a purpose. This book he...


NSTA Press Book

Safety in the Elementary Science Classroom (flipchart)

It’s a safety resource your classroom should not be without! As attractive as a poster and as convenient to use as a calendar, the completely update...

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